Celebrating 3 Months with Pebbles

3 months

In a blink of an eye, our gorgeous little Pebble is now three months old!

Pebbles’ Vietnamese name is Tuyet, meaning ‘Snow’; so it was only fitting that we wrap her up and play in the snow a little, especially as it was snowing A LOT yesterday her in NYC.

3 months 3 months DSC04822a

Thank you for choosing us as your parents


Caribbean Getaway: Our Babymoon


September has been an extremely busy period for us, so we were relieved when it was time to take our babymoon in Barbados!

The concept of a babymoon is a fairly new one, and more predominate here in the States (as are baby registries, baby showers and push presents) but the idea of one last holiday alone, was so appealing it wasn’t something we were going to pass up.

This past summer has flown by so quickly and for us Aussies, not to being able to hit the beach is almost soul crushing. As our ‘last’ holiday before we welcome our bundle of joy would HAVE to be in the Caribbean!

We chose Barbados for a couple of reasons, but mainly for DH to be able to go surfing as it’s one of the only islands that has waves. We prefer waves, makes bobbing in the ocean a lot more interesting, for DH, the worst thing for him to have is a dead flat ocean.

We spent five days at Ocean Two Resort in St Lawrence Gap and though small, it was amazing. The amenities were top notch, the beach is right on your doorstep and it basically felt like a private beach. There were also three pools (though one was unexpectedly closed), two by the ocean and one rooftop pool and deck. The staff are amazing, accommodating and so so friendly!  I couldn’t fault their service at all, even when we had a few issues with our room, they were on top of it and even provided a complimentary breakfast because of the closed pool. We had an ocean view suite. It was modern, spacious and waking up to the sound of the ocean every morning is a dream come true!

I would definitely recommend you stay there if you have the pleasure of going to Barbados.



Not a bad view for breakfast!


The resorts’ rooftop pool

It being rainy season, it rained a lot while we were there, but trust me when I tell you, we wouldn’t let that get in our way of our beach holiday. Takes a lot to dampen our holiday spirits! So we spent a lot of time swimming in the turquoise warm ocean waters while it rained, and quite honestly, it’s a lot of fun! The days when the sun was out, we hid under beach umbrellas and still got burnt even with slatherings of sunscreen and zinc on! Poor Pebbles got a little too much sun!

We had no distractions, no email, no contact with the outside world. It was just DH and I, enjoying the sun, rain, beach and each other. We played a couple of board games and found out we’re pretty awesome at Pictionary! We would kick a$$ on game night, but only with him drawing and me guessing, the reverse is devastatingly hilarious!

Top Reasons to take that Babymoon!

  1. You are able to relax, unwind and get away from it all
  2. You get to reconnect with your partner, especially if your day to day life is so absorbing, you forget to ask each other, how are you?
  3. You get to turn off all social media. Don’t post or check in, just be in the moment. The moment is so much grander that you would expect when it’s just you and the person you love
  4. You laugh so much
  5. There’s only your partner to talk to, so you are able to discover more about them, like being really good at pictionary
  6. It doesn’t matter where you take your babymoon, the point is to spend that quality time together
  7. It’s probably the last holiday where you both can be yourselves and do whatever and whenever you want. Sleep in, laze on sun lounges all day, read a book in absolute silence, no interruptions, get a massage when you please, go to bed when you please, watch TV as loud as you want, whatever, there are no rules, no planning is needed except what fun activities you want to do that day. And that could mean doing absolutely nothing!
  8. You deserve it!

Here are a few snaps from our babymoon


⇑Bump meets the ocean! ♥









We did sometimes venture off the resort and into town and by town I meant a long straight road







⇑My nails matched the gorgeous ocean!


This holiday was also a rude awakening for me. I knew logically that I wouldn’t be able to any of the normal activities we would do on a holiday, I knew I couldn’t surf, I knew I couldn’t even boogie board, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to go scuba diving. But when the days came to hearing how much fun he had at his surf lesson and his scuba dive where he was able to do a wreck dive, I was vehemently jealous. The explorer in me wanted to experience it, especially the wreck dive. This is what I call I got “mummed!”.

It’s a term I coined back when I first got pregnant and missed out on going on a virtual reality ride that spun round and round in the space museum in DC. Getting ‘Mummed’ is basically missing out on the fun stuff due to having to look after the baby. So, I got ‘Mummed’ big time! But that’s ok, Pebbles is safe and that’s all that matters really, I actually learnt how to just sit and be, read for hours with no distractions and just relax. I’m not very good at sitting still, but I’m learning. I also get to have my own fun with Pebbles when she kicks around in my belly; it’s like our little secret play time.

We had an amazing time in Barbados, we were able to relax and not let any distractions or bad weather get in the way of us having fun, bond and cherish the last holiday of just us two. As excited as I am to welcome our baby girl into this world and into our family, my relationship with my husband is something I cherish with all my heart and soul and will always aim to make it a happy and fulfilling relationship.





* My opinion and review of Ocean Two are my own. We were not paid to make any comments or reviews.

Nesting: Dreaming of Nurseries

⇑I love the simplicity of this nursery. Fun and clean! My favorite⇑

I’ve officially entered my third trimester and I guess this is when sh*t gets real. The baby prepping kicks into full gear, shopping lists are created and stuff is bought!

Right now I’m dreaming of Pebble’s nursery and by nursery, I really mean ‘wall’ as we live in a converted studio,  she’ll have a ‘space’ rather than an actual room!

I’m leaning to clean, neutral colors with pops of yellow, with a vintage travel theme incorporated with hot air balloons and elephants. I really want a hot air balloon mobile, some cute prints, maybe paper pom poms over her crib, some bunting,  a reading nook and, a glider. I’m not sure how it will all fit into our tiny NY apartment, but I’m sure we can make it work!

This doesn’t stop one from dreaming of what the room she will eventually get when we move. Here’s a few designs I’m completely in love with

⇑How gorgeous is this polka dot wall!⇑

⇑Love the marquee initial, the walls, the map, the mobile…love this!⇑

Maternity Style: What I Wore – 21 Weeks Pregnant

Here’s what I’ve been wearing lately

Top: From Burlington Coat Factory – Non Maternity

Both non maternity
Blouse: No brand store from Australia
Skirt: Forever 21

Non Maternity work out clothes

Both from Forever 21: Work out topFold-over yoga pants

Tip: Folder over anything is your maternity style best friend. Anything sold as “maternity” will be about cost about 50% more and it you can fit into without blocking off your circulation, i say don’t buy the maternity yoga pants, just find a larger size fold-over whatever!