Dumbo Maternity Shoot


We spent an amazing afternoon in Dumbo, Brooklyn with the amazing Jane Cho from Jane’s Lens. I trawled the interweb and blogosphere to find a talented and local photographer who could capture our maternity shoot and I found Jane, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled!

We had a late afternoon session, the sun was setting and the light was absolutely perfect! We had such fun with Jane, I instantly felt a connection with her and that we’d been friends for a very long time, I guess that’s the key to a good photographer (besides their talent), is the ability to make their clients feel instantly comfortable so they are able to capture the true essence of the moment. And this is exactly what Jane was able to do for us.


DH and I are truly obsessed with these photographs, we can scroll up and down, click left and right on repeat, I almost think I love these more than our wedding photos! It’s a combination of my belly, the water, the back drop, the Bridge, the Carousel, the light…the light! My eyes were in heaven and my heart swelled with happiness when Jane sent these to me, I believe there may have been a few tears and I’m so excited to share these with you all and I do hope you love these as much as I do.

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#FlashBackFriday: Our Baby Sprinkle

A baby sprinkle… a small baby shower! How brilliant! I take no credit for coining this term; I whole heartedly stole it from the ever fabulous and fellow momma-to-be Eva Chen, Editor-in-Chief of Lucky Magazine

My darling DH organized a small get together with the very small circle we have built for ourselves here in New York City, it was such a lovely gesture as I’m not very good at wanting to organize these types things but in true White Knight style, he understood the importance of these type of celebrations and insisted we held something…small and lovely.

And small and lovely it was!

Even though we were a small group and we were at a restaurant, I wasn’t going to let that stop me from some festivities.

I put together a small and easy games booklet to keep us occupied while we would were waiting for our table, it’s The Boathouse, there was bound to be a wait for our table.

I kept the theme with our baby announcement to our parents and the baby shower invite itself to tie it altogether. I picked games that would be easy to play while we were all sitting so I chose to play, “ Guess the Gestation days of animals”, “The Price is Right”, “Can’t say the word ‘Baby’”, and my favorite, the “String Game” where everyone takes a guess at the size of my belly. There was also “Guess the chocolate in the diaper” but I completely forgot to actually prepare the diapers and DH ate one of the three chocolates that were to be used!

I also put together gender themed prizes, Pink Essie nail polish for the ladies and whisky for the men. I also bought some delicious doughseeds from Doughnut Plant as thank yous for everyone and they were a definite hit!

It was a beautiful Fall day and we were lucky enough to be seated at a window table at The Boathouse that framed the Pond and the park so artistically, it was hard not to look out of the windows and stare.

I had such lovely morning with my friends, laughing and playing these silly games, it was informal and relaxed and I’m grateful that I was able to celebrate this upcoming adventure in our lives and not let it pass us by, simply because we were away from home. Right now, New York is our home and I truly love it here.

Nursery Planning for Small Spaces

Nursery Inspiration Board

There’s not many things you can put in the ‘cons’ bucket when you live in New York City. But a small apartment is definitely one of them!

Personally, the space we have now is perfect for us. We currently live in a converted studio, and it’s a frost glass wall that divides the bedroom and the rest of the apartment. It’s small but there’s enough room for the both of us to do our own thing but not be on top of each other (and to be honest, I really don’t like being all that far from him when we’re home, just because we’re in the same space as each other doesn’t actually mean we’re spending time with each other. We can go all night doing our own thing and feel like I haven’t seen him in days)

Since we found out we were expecting our little bundle of joy, we’ve been eyeing out our apartment to see how everything would fit.

Looking around, we decided a few things, we will keep everything to a minimum, items bought must be space saving and everything must be a necessity!

Necessities to us include a:

  • changing pad station
  • crib
  • swing/bouncer; and
  • glider/rocker

Four items, that’s it!

We were going to bypass the crib until she was older and let her sleep in a bassinet (we were going to use her Bugaboo Bassinet) for the first few months and then purchase the crib when she got a little older. BUT! As mentioned before, we somehow have the most amazing and generous friends and even though we didn’t set up a registry, we came home to some major boxes last week!

First off, came the swing/bouncer with about 20 bags of clothes and as if that wasn’t enough, the following evening we came home to a huge pack which contained a Graco Pack n Play!I was so utterly gobsmacked by their generosity, I literally stood in my doorway in shock and I didn’t move for a few minutes, staring at this box. I have so much gratitude for our new friends here; they’ve become family to us in such a short amount of time that I think our experience here would be completely different without them!

So, we opened up the boxes and began assembling everything. The bouncer doesn’t take up a lot of space and will fold up when not in use. The Pack n Play, I tell you what, it’s a great size, I don’t know how I ever thought we could fit a crib in our apartment, and space was quickly filled once these two items were put together. We had to do some rearranging of our existing furniture but everything fits in perfectly! I actually like our new layout a lot better. I was so excited, I kept telling Pebbles, “we’re making room for you!”

We have a huge dresser in our bedroom that we already agreed would act our changing station, we cleared out draws for her things and clothes and began setting up the station. We just need to purchase the changing pad and covers and we’re all set!

Just because we don’t have a room for her, doesn’t mean we can’t decorate accordingly. I’ve put together an inspiration board of how I’m going to tie everything together and make it feel like a nursery / living room/ bedroom.

I can’t wait to see it all come together!!

Time to start shopping!

#StyleTheBaby: Coming Home Outfit

Newborn going home outfit

The best part of baby planning is the shopping for the itty bitty outfits that we get to dress them in!!! My voice goes up by a few octaves, and the baby talk comes outs! How can anything be this teeny tiny and be pure gorgeousness!

Pebbles is due in December, and as cute as I want her to be, I need her to be warm and cosy! So for me, this outfit is perfectly warm, cosy and snuggle-able (Yup! That’s a word!). I thought about the cute pink bow cap, that most baby girls come home with, well at least according to Pinterest, which is adorable, I was about to rule it out but thinking about it now, I may reconsider it! Also may reconsider her booties, but she’ll be all wrapped up and it’ll be freezing in December, so I think I may just leave this outfit as is. Well, let’s see what I end up packing!

The white onesie is a super soft terry cloth Bonds outfit. Bonds? I hear you say? Bonds is the most iconic true-blue Aussie brand out there! And remember, we are Australian, and every Aussie baby needs to be dressed in Bonds!! Especially when said baby is born American!

For DH, this is the perfect outfit to bring her home in, to remind her, three days old, that she is in fact, AUSTRALIAN…as well! We were lucky enough to be gifted this itty bitty onesie, along with the gorgeous elephant, beanie and mittens from some amazing friends we have back home. Being away from home and thought of from those we left there is a truly warming feeling. The cost alone of postage is enough to scare you, but I can imagine my friends calling each other, agreeing to meet up and shopping specifically for our little Pebbles, who is so so far away. It makes me tear up at the thought they put into making sure we knew they were thinking of us, even on the other side of the world.

Blue Baby Bunting is from Baby Gap ∼

∼ Cute lil socks are from TJMaxx 

Everyone I look at this picture, I just want to cuddle her so!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!



Preparing for Baby: Big Ticket Items

Baby Must Haves

10 weeks to go and we have not bought ONE practical thing for our little Pebbles.

There are a few reasons for this and the main one is DH and I are ridiculously indecisive! We scour, read reviews, compare, consider, reconsider, choose, ask our friends, ask Google, check out blogs, look for pros and cons, test run and then choose again. It takes months to decide what we want to buy and commit to anything that sometimes we have to go through the entire process again just because, we’ve forgotten why we wanted it in the first place. So when I say I’ve compiled this list of our Big Ticket Baby Items we will be purchasing of the next weeks, this list isn’t to be taken lightly, because I know for a fact a lot of research has gone into picking this list.

So without further ado. Here’s our list:

1. Bugaboo Cameleon3: I lie, when I say we don’t have anything, we have our stroller. We decided because it was the most expensive item on our list, it probably best be bought before the onslaught of costs come piling in. So number one on our list, big fat TICK!

2. Halo Swaddle Blanket: Not necessarily a big ticket item, but it’s a definite must have…so I’ve read!

3. Cybex Aton 2 Carseat: We spent months researching our stroller, that by the time the decision for a car seat had to be made, I palmed it off to DH as I have my strengths and he has his. And this one had to be his, all the safety specs and features of the multitude of car seats out there, I knew he would be best choosing it. He chose this for the design features, the ease of seat belt threading, and the light weight aspect and most importantly, it’s one of the safest carseats on the market (pst… the one pictured is actually Cybex Aton 1, apparently DH tells me Cybex Aton 2 has grey buttons on the handles)

4. 4moms Rockaroo: High tech gadget-y swing thing! Does wonders apparently. I’ve looked around, yes, this is expensive for a rocket, but honestly so are all the other ones, and just for an extra few dollars, I can get the one everyone is raving about. That’s how I justify it anyway. Honestly, it doesn’t seem too much more expensive that the rest of them! BUT if I this one looks just as good and for half the price! I’d be happy with either.

5. Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blanket in Up Up and Away: Based off reviews and every.single.baby. must have list out there on google. Apparently I NEED this. And I reckon I do and I just love this print because I’m currently obsessed with hot air balloons

6. ERGOBaby: I live in New York, I walk everywhere

7. ERGOBaby Infant Insert: Cos she will be so little at first!

8. Braun-Thermoscan-Thermometer: I did a lot of research on this, and they say the most important item in the first aid kit is the thermometer, so make it a good one. I hear this is the best on the market

9. Green sprouts Wooden Brush and Comb Set, Natural: If you consider the amount of hair DH and I have, Pebbles is likely to have a full head of hair when she graces us with her presence. Again, not a big ticket item. it’s only $8 (SCORE) but I think it’s absolutely adorable. I only hope it’s as soft as it looks

10. Bandanna Bibs: Sorry, again, not a big ticket item, but these are too cute! I hear babies go through bibs like crazy, and I love the look of these bandanna bibs to change up a look over the traditional bibs you get. These are organic and the bright prints are so happy!

11. Medela Breast Pump: Apparently best on the market, don’t-waste-your-time-with-anything-else breast pump. My health insurance covers this purchase so it’s at the bottom of my list only because I don’t actually have to pay for it. But I would have definitely spent the money on it if it wasn’t covered.

I’ll check back in when I actually get to use all this stuff and give a review of it all. Hopefully they all live up to their reputations.

*I’m not affiliated with any of these products or links – Opinions are my own and I just want them

Have you compiled your big ticket items? Am I missing anything?

x V

Nesting: Dreaming of Nurseries

⇑I love the simplicity of this nursery. Fun and clean! My favorite⇑

I’ve officially entered my third trimester and I guess this is when sh*t gets real. The baby prepping kicks into full gear, shopping lists are created and stuff is bought!

Right now I’m dreaming of Pebble’s nursery and by nursery, I really mean ‘wall’ as we live in a converted studio,  she’ll have a ‘space’ rather than an actual room!

I’m leaning to clean, neutral colors with pops of yellow, with a vintage travel theme incorporated with hot air balloons and elephants. I really want a hot air balloon mobile, some cute prints, maybe paper pom poms over her crib, some bunting,  a reading nook and, a glider. I’m not sure how it will all fit into our tiny NY apartment, but I’m sure we can make it work!

This doesn’t stop one from dreaming of what the room she will eventually get when we move. Here’s a few designs I’m completely in love with

⇑How gorgeous is this polka dot wall!⇑

⇑Love the marquee initial, the walls, the map, the mobile…love this!⇑