Dumbo Maternity Shoot


We spent an amazing afternoon in Dumbo, Brooklyn with the amazing Jane Cho from Jane’s Lens. I trawled the interweb and blogosphere to find a talented and local photographer who could capture our maternity shoot and I found Jane, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled!

We had a late afternoon session, the sun was setting and the light was absolutely perfect! We had such fun with Jane, I instantly felt a connection with her and that we’d been friends for a very long time, I guess that’s the key to a good photographer (besides their talent), is the ability to make their clients feel instantly comfortable so they are able to capture the true essence of the moment. And this is exactly what Jane was able to do for us.


DH and I are truly obsessed with these photographs, we can scroll up and down, click left and right on repeat, I almost think I love these more than our wedding photos! It’s a combination of my belly, the water, the back drop, the Bridge, the Carousel, the light…the light! My eyes were in heaven and my heart swelled with happiness when Jane sent these to me, I believe there may have been a few tears and I’m so excited to share these with you all and I do hope you love these as much as I do.

Maternity Maternity Maternity

Maternity Vivi Roc Maternity-22 Professional PhotosMaternity MaternityMaternity Maternity Maternity Vivi Roc Maternity-12 Maternity Maternity Maternity Maternity Maternitymaternity


#FlashBackFriday: Our Baby Sprinkle

A baby sprinkle… a small baby shower! How brilliant! I take no credit for coining this term; I whole heartedly stole it from the ever fabulous and fellow momma-to-be Eva Chen, Editor-in-Chief of Lucky Magazine

My darling DH organized a small get together with the very small circle we have built for ourselves here in New York City, it was such a lovely gesture as I’m not very good at wanting to organize these types things but in true White Knight style, he understood the importance of these type of celebrations and insisted we held something…small and lovely.

And small and lovely it was!

Even though we were a small group and we were at a restaurant, I wasn’t going to let that stop me from some festivities.

I put together a small and easy games booklet to keep us occupied while we would were waiting for our table, it’s The Boathouse, there was bound to be a wait for our table.

I kept the theme with our baby announcement to our parents and the baby shower invite itself to tie it altogether. I picked games that would be easy to play while we were all sitting so I chose to play, “ Guess the Gestation days of animals”, “The Price is Right”, “Can’t say the word ‘Baby’”, and my favorite, the “String Game” where everyone takes a guess at the size of my belly. There was also “Guess the chocolate in the diaper” but I completely forgot to actually prepare the diapers and DH ate one of the three chocolates that were to be used!

I also put together gender themed prizes, Pink Essie nail polish for the ladies and whisky for the men. I also bought some delicious doughseeds from Doughnut Plant as thank yous for everyone and they were a definite hit!

It was a beautiful Fall day and we were lucky enough to be seated at a window table at The Boathouse that framed the Pond and the park so artistically, it was hard not to look out of the windows and stare.

I had such lovely morning with my friends, laughing and playing these silly games, it was informal and relaxed and I’m grateful that I was able to celebrate this upcoming adventure in our lives and not let it pass us by, simply because we were away from home. Right now, New York is our home and I truly love it here.

What I Wore: Maternity Style


H&M dress – non maternity | Shoes: Nine West | Belt came with another outfit bought at Forever21

As I’m writing this post, I’m actually 33 weeks pregnant, the last three weeks have flown by so quickly I can hardly keep up with this growing baby.

As my guestimated date is fast approaching, we’re in full swing of planning and prepping. Pebble’s movements have changed from a thumping kick to rolling fly kicks and butt pushes into my ribs. I love how she moves and wriggles around all day and I love her butt pushes most because I can visualize her poking her little bum at me.  She also has the major case of the hiccups. Well, what I’m assuming are the hiccups, otherwise, she has fantastic rhythm in her sparring.

I’m constantly amazed that I’m growing an itty bitty person inside me! I still can’t wrap my brain around it! A Person! Inside Me!?! I also happen to think she is awesome!

We had a couple of days where she was really really quiet and I quietly freaked out and panicked, imagining the worst, even though I know her movements would lessen as she began to run out of room. It’s strange how quickly the ‘parent worry’ sets in.


Forver21 Dress, non maternity

On days when I begin to worry too much, I put my headphones in and I listen to my HypnoBabies® Positive Birth Affirmations and my Fear Clearing tracks and everything melts away. I am so happy we went with HypnoBabies® birthing technique. It sounds ‘crazy’ to some, but honestly, it’s calmed so many anxious thoughts and fears. It’s mentally and emotionally prepared me for the best possible birth I can have. I use my ‘bubble of peace’ on a daily basis as protection against the ridiculousness of people’s comments and horror stories that strangers like to jam down your throat and into your head (I mean, who says to someone “Oh you’re due in December? December babies are unhappy babies” WHAT THE FUDGE?!! WOOOOOSAAAAAAAAA and Bubble of Peace!!!)

If you’re currently researching on which birthing classes you’d like to do, I do highly recommend looking into HypnoBabies®. We took the in-class course, but I’ve read you can also take the course online. HypnoBabies® was designed by a lady who was practiced in the Bradley Method for over ten years and it’s apparently different from Hypnobirthing. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to know my experience with HypnoBabies®

Update with my pregnancy symptoms:

  • I’ve gained 20-ish Lbs
  • My belly button hasn’t popped, I’m still an inny! But it’s really sensitive at the moment, so weird…so maybe it’s about to pop!
  • I feel so stretched and braxton hicks are a regular thing, they’re not painful, just very tight and I love how lopsided my belly gets
  • She’s the size of a squash! I think that’s cute!
  • I don’t currently have any food cravings and I’m not really going through any food phases. Though I stated to eat a small sweet dessert every night which I then decided I needed to cut out as I would never eat like this without baby, so why should I be allowed now. So now gobble down clementines after dinner! YUM!

Pea in the Pod Jeans – Maternity Sweater is from TJ Maxx – non maternity

Bless my DH! I'd been so busy that I hadn't had time to update our chalkboard. So he took it upon himself to update the weeks. He tries! And I love him for it!

Bless my DH! I’d been so busy that I hadn’t had time to update our chalkboard. So he took it upon himself to update the weeks. He tries! And I love him for it!


What I Wore: Maternity Style at 30 Weeks Pregnant

30 Weeks pregnant and my growing bump has been needing a new wardrobe lately and I’m getting creative with what I wear to my 9-5. I’m still not convinced that maternity specific clothing is really necessary, except for pants – jeans and work trousers are a definite need, but I only have one of each. For leggings and boyfriend jeans, I still wear my old pre-baby bump ones and they fit fine. I purchased a maternity skirt from Gap, which was so flimsy and floppy, that made me feel so frumpy, they had to go back. Head to H&M or Forever21 or your favourite basics store and buy yourself a jersey pencil skirt in a size larger than you normally do.



The day was a lot chillier than I expected so I had to throw on my wool coat. This was a purchase from Australia, and in true fashion, it’s not at all maternity!


These two last outfits I’ve been rocking since the beginning of my bump, though the orange dress is getting a little too short, but I think I can get away with it as a top soon if I pair it with leggings.

My trusty Forverver21 blue skirt really has gone the long haul in my pregnancy – here’s me in it from the very beginning to now!

Blue Skirt

   ⇑30 Weeks ⇑             |           ⇑16 Weeks⇑              |         ⇑20 Weeks⇑          |          ⇑18 Weeks⇑

Preparing for Baby: Big Ticket Items

Baby Must Haves

10 weeks to go and we have not bought ONE practical thing for our little Pebbles.

There are a few reasons for this and the main one is DH and I are ridiculously indecisive! We scour, read reviews, compare, consider, reconsider, choose, ask our friends, ask Google, check out blogs, look for pros and cons, test run and then choose again. It takes months to decide what we want to buy and commit to anything that sometimes we have to go through the entire process again just because, we’ve forgotten why we wanted it in the first place. So when I say I’ve compiled this list of our Big Ticket Baby Items we will be purchasing of the next weeks, this list isn’t to be taken lightly, because I know for a fact a lot of research has gone into picking this list.

So without further ado. Here’s our list:

1. Bugaboo Cameleon3: I lie, when I say we don’t have anything, we have our stroller. We decided because it was the most expensive item on our list, it probably best be bought before the onslaught of costs come piling in. So number one on our list, big fat TICK!

2. Halo Swaddle Blanket: Not necessarily a big ticket item, but it’s a definite must have…so I’ve read!

3. Cybex Aton 2 Carseat: We spent months researching our stroller, that by the time the decision for a car seat had to be made, I palmed it off to DH as I have my strengths and he has his. And this one had to be his, all the safety specs and features of the multitude of car seats out there, I knew he would be best choosing it. He chose this for the design features, the ease of seat belt threading, and the light weight aspect and most importantly, it’s one of the safest carseats on the market (pst… the one pictured is actually Cybex Aton 1, apparently DH tells me Cybex Aton 2 has grey buttons on the handles)

4. 4moms Rockaroo: High tech gadget-y swing thing! Does wonders apparently. I’ve looked around, yes, this is expensive for a rocket, but honestly so are all the other ones, and just for an extra few dollars, I can get the one everyone is raving about. That’s how I justify it anyway. Honestly, it doesn’t seem too much more expensive that the rest of them! BUT if I this one looks just as good and for half the price! I’d be happy with either.

5. Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blanket in Up Up and Away: Based off reviews and every.single.baby. must have list out there on google. Apparently I NEED this. And I reckon I do and I just love this print because I’m currently obsessed with hot air balloons

6. ERGOBaby: I live in New York, I walk everywhere

7. ERGOBaby Infant Insert: Cos she will be so little at first!

8. Braun-Thermoscan-Thermometer: I did a lot of research on this, and they say the most important item in the first aid kit is the thermometer, so make it a good one. I hear this is the best on the market

9. Green sprouts Wooden Brush and Comb Set, Natural: If you consider the amount of hair DH and I have, Pebbles is likely to have a full head of hair when she graces us with her presence. Again, not a big ticket item. it’s only $8 (SCORE) but I think it’s absolutely adorable. I only hope it’s as soft as it looks

10. Bandanna Bibs: Sorry, again, not a big ticket item, but these are too cute! I hear babies go through bibs like crazy, and I love the look of these bandanna bibs to change up a look over the traditional bibs you get. These are organic and the bright prints are so happy!

11. Medela Breast Pump: Apparently best on the market, don’t-waste-your-time-with-anything-else breast pump. My health insurance covers this purchase so it’s at the bottom of my list only because I don’t actually have to pay for it. But I would have definitely spent the money on it if it wasn’t covered.

I’ll check back in when I actually get to use all this stuff and give a review of it all. Hopefully they all live up to their reputations.

*I’m not affiliated with any of these products or links – Opinions are my own and I just want them

Have you compiled your big ticket items? Am I missing anything?

x V

30 Weeks Pregnant

And 10 weeks to go!

30 weeks1

I say this week in and week out. Where has the time gone? I was asked the other day, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being absolutely freaked out and 10 being absolutely excited, how do I feel about Pebbles’ pending arrival?

I paused and thought, it’s not like I’m not excited, because I am, believe me I am, but it’s a scary thought welcoming a new itty bitty person into the world and absolutely, every single, unknown aspect of how it will actually be, is beyond daunting. My answer to his question? It depends. It depends on how much I’ve done to prepare for her arrival at the point in time. And it so happened that at this point in time, these parents-to-be had gotten a lot done.

We’ve completed our birthing classes, toured our hospital and just booked the extra child care classes. So, I was at a 10! Super duper, can’t-contain-myself, excited! Before that, I would have said 1! Holey-Moley I haven’t got anything done! We don’t even have a crib! Actually we don’t have anything at this point, but that’s another post!


The past 30 weeks have flown by, I remember very vividly the moment I saw those two little lines, to confirming it with the Dr and making her do an extra blood test just to make sure. I remember how desperately I wanted my bump to come along quicker and how slow the first few months were! I remember the first moment I thought I felt her kick, or flutter, really, in my belly. I remember how tender my breasts were in the beginning, so tender, I couldn’t even hug DH and I love hugs, big tight bear hugs! After a few weeks I really missed him because I wasn’t getting my normal hugs.  I remember hearing her little heartbeat for the first time, her first sonogram where she was a blob on a black screen and then being able to see her strong little four chamber heart beat 150 bpm. I remember finding out Pebbles was going to be a gorgeous little girl and the absolute fail of our gender reveal!

I’m so enamored by this little person growing inside me, her little personality, yes it’s a made up personality, but I have a very active imagination. Her movements, her kicks, punches and the little wriggles, I feel more and more each day and by her punches, I’m pretty sure she is sparring in there, getting ready to spar with her Daddy when she arrives. I’m curious to find out what she will look like, who she will be, how much hair she will have, honestly have you seen how much hair both DH and I have? Will she have his nose? My lips? His thumbs? We will find out in 10 weeks I guess.


How has my life has changed in the last 30 weeks? I haven’t had a latte in 30 weeks, I’m a latte-a-day kinda gal…I miss my lattes. I also miss camembert cheese, and cold cut meats, I miss sashimi and oysters, I miss malbec! I’ve grown fond of sandwiches. I hate sandwiches, I firmly believe that all meals should be eaten with utensils! It’s not a meal without utensils, and all that wasted stomach space on all that bread! But good ol’ sandwich and I have become good friends. I’ve had to learnt to walk slower, pee more and understand that I’m not as agile as I used to be.

I’ve started this blog! I love this blog and I can’t wait to grow it even more as I continue to learn about the intricacies of the blogosphere!

My body has changed, my boobs are huge, I’ve gone from an A-B cup to a C-D cup and on my petite frame, they make me uncomfortable, but they will feed my baby so I say grow grow grow!

I’ve had an amazing run throughout my pregnancy. I don’t have the normal symptoms of pregnancy, I didn’t suffer from morning sickness (thankfully), my energy was and is always high, I haven’t swollen up, I don’t have weird cravings, though I just go through food phases, from nothing but fruit, and only tom yum soup for dinner to kim chi with EVERYTHING! Right now, I want tuna wraps for lunch and I’m only allowed to eat that once a week, so I really look forward to tuna wrap day! I don’t even think I’ve had the crazy mood swings. I feel like I was made for pregnancy.

30 weeks

I’ve just been a better version of me. Energized and motivated to make my life better, I eat to feed myself and feed Pebbles, so I eat better. I’ve learnt that in the beginning, when a woman is stroking her belly, it isn’t a maternal thing yet, it’s cramps! And I’ve also learnt that when a pregnant woman is ‘waddling’ it’s because she absolutely needs to pee! Or is that just me?

I attribute my easy pregnancy with my somewhat healthy and active lifestyle, not believing in ‘you can eat whatever you want’ or, ‘you’re eating for two.’ My diet has pretty much stayed the same, I still work out 2-3 times a week, albeit slower than I was used to, so slow, that I’m anxious to know how I will go when Pebbles isn’t inside me anymore.

What’s new this week?

  • My linea negra has finally appeared.
  • I’m pretty sure my belly button is about to pop out.
  • I passed my gestational diabetes test (I refused to take the orange goop and tracked my sugar levels for two weeks for my OBGYN instead.)
  • We’re interviewing pediatricians this week
  • Finally almost ready to start buying baby stuff! Oh the cuteness!
  • And I’m super excited for my maternity photo shoot with Jane’s Lens next weekend!

Here’s to the final few weeks of my pregnancy, I can only hope it continues as smoothly as the last 30 weeks!


Stay tuned to see how Pebbles’ nursery space will look like, her shopping haul and eventually her birth!

Caribbean Getaway: Our Babymoon


September has been an extremely busy period for us, so we were relieved when it was time to take our babymoon in Barbados!

The concept of a babymoon is a fairly new one, and more predominate here in the States (as are baby registries, baby showers and push presents) but the idea of one last holiday alone, was so appealing it wasn’t something we were going to pass up.

This past summer has flown by so quickly and for us Aussies, not to being able to hit the beach is almost soul crushing. As our ‘last’ holiday before we welcome our bundle of joy would HAVE to be in the Caribbean!

We chose Barbados for a couple of reasons, but mainly for DH to be able to go surfing as it’s one of the only islands that has waves. We prefer waves, makes bobbing in the ocean a lot more interesting, for DH, the worst thing for him to have is a dead flat ocean.

We spent five days at Ocean Two Resort in St Lawrence Gap and though small, it was amazing. The amenities were top notch, the beach is right on your doorstep and it basically felt like a private beach. There were also three pools (though one was unexpectedly closed), two by the ocean and one rooftop pool and deck. The staff are amazing, accommodating and so so friendly!  I couldn’t fault their service at all, even when we had a few issues with our room, they were on top of it and even provided a complimentary breakfast because of the closed pool. We had an ocean view suite. It was modern, spacious and waking up to the sound of the ocean every morning is a dream come true!

I would definitely recommend you stay there if you have the pleasure of going to Barbados.



Not a bad view for breakfast!


The resorts’ rooftop pool

It being rainy season, it rained a lot while we were there, but trust me when I tell you, we wouldn’t let that get in our way of our beach holiday. Takes a lot to dampen our holiday spirits! So we spent a lot of time swimming in the turquoise warm ocean waters while it rained, and quite honestly, it’s a lot of fun! The days when the sun was out, we hid under beach umbrellas and still got burnt even with slatherings of sunscreen and zinc on! Poor Pebbles got a little too much sun!

We had no distractions, no email, no contact with the outside world. It was just DH and I, enjoying the sun, rain, beach and each other. We played a couple of board games and found out we’re pretty awesome at Pictionary! We would kick a$$ on game night, but only with him drawing and me guessing, the reverse is devastatingly hilarious!

Top Reasons to take that Babymoon!

  1. You are able to relax, unwind and get away from it all
  2. You get to reconnect with your partner, especially if your day to day life is so absorbing, you forget to ask each other, how are you?
  3. You get to turn off all social media. Don’t post or check in, just be in the moment. The moment is so much grander that you would expect when it’s just you and the person you love
  4. You laugh so much
  5. There’s only your partner to talk to, so you are able to discover more about them, like being really good at pictionary
  6. It doesn’t matter where you take your babymoon, the point is to spend that quality time together
  7. It’s probably the last holiday where you both can be yourselves and do whatever and whenever you want. Sleep in, laze on sun lounges all day, read a book in absolute silence, no interruptions, get a massage when you please, go to bed when you please, watch TV as loud as you want, whatever, there are no rules, no planning is needed except what fun activities you want to do that day. And that could mean doing absolutely nothing!
  8. You deserve it!

Here are a few snaps from our babymoon


⇑Bump meets the ocean! ♥









We did sometimes venture off the resort and into town and by town I meant a long straight road







⇑My nails matched the gorgeous ocean!


This holiday was also a rude awakening for me. I knew logically that I wouldn’t be able to any of the normal activities we would do on a holiday, I knew I couldn’t surf, I knew I couldn’t even boogie board, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to go scuba diving. But when the days came to hearing how much fun he had at his surf lesson and his scuba dive where he was able to do a wreck dive, I was vehemently jealous. The explorer in me wanted to experience it, especially the wreck dive. This is what I call I got “mummed!”.

It’s a term I coined back when I first got pregnant and missed out on going on a virtual reality ride that spun round and round in the space museum in DC. Getting ‘Mummed’ is basically missing out on the fun stuff due to having to look after the baby. So, I got ‘Mummed’ big time! But that’s ok, Pebbles is safe and that’s all that matters really, I actually learnt how to just sit and be, read for hours with no distractions and just relax. I’m not very good at sitting still, but I’m learning. I also get to have my own fun with Pebbles when she kicks around in my belly; it’s like our little secret play time.

We had an amazing time in Barbados, we were able to relax and not let any distractions or bad weather get in the way of us having fun, bond and cherish the last holiday of just us two. As excited as I am to welcome our baby girl into this world and into our family, my relationship with my husband is something I cherish with all my heart and soul and will always aim to make it a happy and fulfilling relationship.





* My opinion and review of Ocean Two are my own. We were not paid to make any comments or reviews.

Playing Host In New York

Playing Host In NYC

We played host over a couple of weeks in September when two groups of friends came for a visit. It’s always such a treat to have friends visit us here in this magnificent city that we get to call home.

We loved seeing them and spending time catching up and laughing, it honestly felt like we were back home when we all saw each other, especially when we’re so far from everyone during the baby bump phase in our lives.

Here’s the little path we took our friends on

A Guide to Chelsea

Almond – Yes, not technically Chelsea, but close enough. This a little gem I found wandering about around the Flatiron building and it’s a great place for brunch. The decor provides a charming rustic atmosphere with farm style tables and earthy tones. There’s a room where they simply cut the bread,  and billiards table in the back of the restaurant where you can work off your meal!

Playing Host In NYC

 Eataly – I love wandering through here, the buzz is always electric and the aroma of fresh food fills your nostrils and makes you just want to eat everything! Playing Host In NYC

230 Fifth Rooftop – This is an absolute MUST go to rooftop bar. It’s one of my favourites and yes it’s a little touristy, but who cares, when you are in this city, you just want to absorb everything it.  The moment The Empire Building rises above you as you walk onto the deck, its breathe taking and you are in absolute awe of this city!

Playing Host In NYC

Chelsea Market – If you can’t tell, I love food, so it’s only fitting that we ended up at our second foodhall in one day. I love the vibe here as well, I especially love the salt and balsamic tasting store and the massive lobsters you can buy in the seafood market!

A little further out near Union Square is a great dinner spot called ABC Cocina. The food and decor are amazing here.

A Short Guide to Brooklyn (In the Summer)

Smorgasburg – I’m a huge huge food truck fan! And this has to be one of my favourite summer activities. Heading over to Brooklyn and stuffing my face with fantastic food! Today, I had a Vietnamese omelet and topped that off with some Mac & Cheese! Yup, I’m very global!


Playing Host In NYC

Wythe Hotel Rooftop – So, I’m not a huge fan of this place, I think the views of Manhattan are better from the riverside of Smorgasburg. I think the line is stupid and I think the staff are pretentious and down right wankers (that’s an Australian term) I never recommend coming here but this stop was not my decision (and I’m not linking them here for that reason)

Playing host

Remember I said I really wanted a fur coat? Well, this one is not it! It was more of a scruffy dog than a coat!

Lower East Side Wanderings

I’m not calling this a guide as it was our friends who mostly led the way around this neck of the woods. We don’t typically venture out this “far” so here were out pit stops.

Spitzers Corner – This cool American gastro pub has a fun vibe, very loud and full of people. Long family style dinner tables and a great menu to boot. I really wanted the Pork Belly for dinner, but when they said they were out, the waitress recommended the fish tacos, and my god, they were divine! Would definitely go back here

Sweet Button Deserts  – Seeing as though I’m not participating with my drinking companions, I opted for a sweet dessert. We stumbled upon this gorgeous little dessert bar and was absolutely knocked off our feet with how scrumptious their desserts were! MAYBE the highlight of my night! OK it was!Playing Host In NYC

Little Rascal Cafe and Bar – we ended our lovely night here. A great little bar that our out of town friends had stopped by and wanted to go back to. It’s cute and intimate and the staff are lovely.

We had a blast with our friends, and though we were exhausted, I felt like we got in our last social hurrah in. As we don’t typically stay out until 1am in lower east side bars, it was good to be able to hang with our friends sans baby in toe and not worry too much about getting home for whatever baby reason. We won’t have this luxury in a couple of months, so it was nice to indulge in being young and free!

What are your must-sees you always take people to when they come to visit you?

Nesting: Dreaming of Nurseries

⇑I love the simplicity of this nursery. Fun and clean! My favorite⇑

I’ve officially entered my third trimester and I guess this is when sh*t gets real. The baby prepping kicks into full gear, shopping lists are created and stuff is bought!

Right now I’m dreaming of Pebble’s nursery and by nursery, I really mean ‘wall’ as we live in a converted studio,  she’ll have a ‘space’ rather than an actual room!

I’m leaning to clean, neutral colors with pops of yellow, with a vintage travel theme incorporated with hot air balloons and elephants. I really want a hot air balloon mobile, some cute prints, maybe paper pom poms over her crib, some bunting,  a reading nook and, a glider. I’m not sure how it will all fit into our tiny NY apartment, but I’m sure we can make it work!

This doesn’t stop one from dreaming of what the room she will eventually get when we move. Here’s a few designs I’m completely in love with

⇑How gorgeous is this polka dot wall!⇑

⇑Love the marquee initial, the walls, the map, the mobile…love this!⇑