#FlashBackFriday: Our Baby Sprinkle

A baby sprinkle… a small baby shower! How brilliant! I take no credit for coining this term; I whole heartedly stole it from the ever fabulous and fellow momma-to-be Eva Chen, Editor-in-Chief of Lucky Magazine

My darling DH organized a small get together with the very small circle we have built for ourselves here in New York City, it was such a lovely gesture as I’m not very good at wanting to organize these types things but in true White Knight style, he understood the importance of these type of celebrations and insisted we held something…small and lovely.

And small and lovely it was!

Even though we were a small group and we were at a restaurant, I wasn’t going to let that stop me from some festivities.

I put together a small and easy games booklet to keep us occupied while we would were waiting for our table, it’s The Boathouse, there was bound to be a wait for our table.

I kept the theme with our baby announcement to our parents and the baby shower invite itself to tie it altogether. I picked games that would be easy to play while we were all sitting so I chose to play, “ Guess the Gestation days of animals”, “The Price is Right”, “Can’t say the word ‘Baby’”, and my favorite, the “String Game” where everyone takes a guess at the size of my belly. There was also “Guess the chocolate in the diaper” but I completely forgot to actually prepare the diapers and DH ate one of the three chocolates that were to be used!

I also put together gender themed prizes, Pink Essie nail polish for the ladies and whisky for the men. I also bought some delicious doughseeds from Doughnut Plant as thank yous for everyone and they were a definite hit!

It was a beautiful Fall day and we were lucky enough to be seated at a window table at The Boathouse that framed the Pond and the park so artistically, it was hard not to look out of the windows and stare.

I had such lovely morning with my friends, laughing and playing these silly games, it was informal and relaxed and I’m grateful that I was able to celebrate this upcoming adventure in our lives and not let it pass us by, simply because we were away from home. Right now, New York is our home and I truly love it here.

What I Wore: Maternity Style


H&M dress – non maternity | Shoes: Nine West | Belt came with another outfit bought at Forever21

As I’m writing this post, I’m actually 33 weeks pregnant, the last three weeks have flown by so quickly I can hardly keep up with this growing baby.

As my guestimated date is fast approaching, we’re in full swing of planning and prepping. Pebble’s movements have changed from a thumping kick to rolling fly kicks and butt pushes into my ribs. I love how she moves and wriggles around all day and I love her butt pushes most because I can visualize her poking her little bum at me.  She also has the major case of the hiccups. Well, what I’m assuming are the hiccups, otherwise, she has fantastic rhythm in her sparring.

I’m constantly amazed that I’m growing an itty bitty person inside me! I still can’t wrap my brain around it! A Person! Inside Me!?! I also happen to think she is awesome!

We had a couple of days where she was really really quiet and I quietly freaked out and panicked, imagining the worst, even though I know her movements would lessen as she began to run out of room. It’s strange how quickly the ‘parent worry’ sets in.


Forver21 Dress, non maternity

On days when I begin to worry too much, I put my headphones in and I listen to my HypnoBabies® Positive Birth Affirmations and my Fear Clearing tracks and everything melts away. I am so happy we went with HypnoBabies® birthing technique. It sounds ‘crazy’ to some, but honestly, it’s calmed so many anxious thoughts and fears. It’s mentally and emotionally prepared me for the best possible birth I can have. I use my ‘bubble of peace’ on a daily basis as protection against the ridiculousness of people’s comments and horror stories that strangers like to jam down your throat and into your head (I mean, who says to someone “Oh you’re due in December? December babies are unhappy babies” WHAT THE FUDGE?!! WOOOOOSAAAAAAAAA and Bubble of Peace!!!)

If you’re currently researching on which birthing classes you’d like to do, I do highly recommend looking into HypnoBabies®. We took the in-class course, but I’ve read you can also take the course online. HypnoBabies® was designed by a lady who was practiced in the Bradley Method for over ten years and it’s apparently different from Hypnobirthing. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to know my experience with HypnoBabies®

Update with my pregnancy symptoms:

  • I’ve gained 20-ish Lbs
  • My belly button hasn’t popped, I’m still an inny! But it’s really sensitive at the moment, so weird…so maybe it’s about to pop!
  • I feel so stretched and braxton hicks are a regular thing, they’re not painful, just very tight and I love how lopsided my belly gets
  • She’s the size of a squash! I think that’s cute!
  • I don’t currently have any food cravings and I’m not really going through any food phases. Though I stated to eat a small sweet dessert every night which I then decided I needed to cut out as I would never eat like this without baby, so why should I be allowed now. So now gobble down clementines after dinner! YUM!

Pea in the Pod Jeans – Maternity Sweater is from TJ Maxx – non maternity

Bless my DH! I'd been so busy that I hadn't had time to update our chalkboard. So he took it upon himself to update the weeks. He tries! And I love him for it!

Bless my DH! I’d been so busy that I hadn’t had time to update our chalkboard. So he took it upon himself to update the weeks. He tries! And I love him for it!


What I Wore: Maternity Style at 30 Weeks Pregnant

30 Weeks pregnant and my growing bump has been needing a new wardrobe lately and I’m getting creative with what I wear to my 9-5. I’m still not convinced that maternity specific clothing is really necessary, except for pants – jeans and work trousers are a definite need, but I only have one of each. For leggings and boyfriend jeans, I still wear my old pre-baby bump ones and they fit fine. I purchased a maternity skirt from Gap, which was so flimsy and floppy, that made me feel so frumpy, they had to go back. Head to H&M or Forever21 or your favourite basics store and buy yourself a jersey pencil skirt in a size larger than you normally do.



The day was a lot chillier than I expected so I had to throw on my wool coat. This was a purchase from Australia, and in true fashion, it’s not at all maternity!


These two last outfits I’ve been rocking since the beginning of my bump, though the orange dress is getting a little too short, but I think I can get away with it as a top soon if I pair it with leggings.

My trusty Forverver21 blue skirt really has gone the long haul in my pregnancy – here’s me in it from the very beginning to now!

Blue Skirt

   ⇑30 Weeks ⇑             |           ⇑16 Weeks⇑              |         ⇑20 Weeks⇑          |          ⇑18 Weeks⇑

Maternity Style – What I Wore

Maternity StyleHi Everyone!

Here’s what I’ve been wearing lately…

As the weeks roll on, my little bump continues to grow and grow, I’m finding it harder to dress professionally and even casually as I’m getting quite bored of my clothes. Before it was all new and cute, and now I just feel a little sloppy and the clothes feel tired. But we’re at the end of summer, so I’m not wanting to buy new summer dresses and tanks just for a few extra weeks. I’m looking forward to the cooler simply because I’ll be able to justify in my head that I need a new wardrobe, quite literally.

For me, non maternity just sits better on me, and at a fraction of the cost of actual maternity clothes. I just refuse to spend money on clothes I know I will only wear for a few months! So everything in this post is non maternity, either just a size larger than normal and in stretch jersey or loose fitting (except the black trousers I wore in the 27 weeks shot). Dressing for your dump isn’t as ‘difficult’ or ‘ frumpy’ as it’s made out to be, you can wear your normal style clothes given is has enough space in it. Quite honestly, I would recommend this method of dressing your bump. There is SO much change happening during this process, the one thing you can do for yourself is to dress like you and feel like you, show off that gorgeous bump and just be gorgeous!!!




Maternity Bikini Style

Victoria’s Secret bikini. I’ve always been x-small on top but with Pebbles, I’ve graduated to Medium! Bottoms are in small but it had that saggy, extra material look which is not cute. oh wells!


I really need to update my phone or commit to take proper photos as I really hate the way these have come out!

Thanks for stopping by everyone!



Maternity Style: What I wore

These past couple of weeks has been fun for me, my belly continues to grow and every day I can feel her move more and more.

In the beginning, it was more snippets of “is that the baby or some digestion issue?” to “OoO! I have butterflies in my belly” to “OH! That! Has to be the baby!”

Then, it became a nightly ritual, once I got into bed, and was completely relaxed, we would have our play dates. Her pappa will put his ear to my belly and she will have a ball with us. My heart lights up when his eyes widen in complete amazement, he laughs and speaks into my tummy like he’s Darth Vader, sings nursery rhymes that we don’t all the words to so Twinkle Twinkle ends with you are my sunshine.  Such tender moments that I cherish.

Lately, she’s been having an absolute party in my belly, all. day. long! It’s so much fun for me as I like the constant reminder she’s there and she’s baking nicely.

I try to record her moving, as her movements are so strong we can see them, we could see them quite early on, but now they are prominent, and you can see her move more clearly. But she doesn’t perform on cue. If I’m in my own world, she’ll kick and punch and move, the moment I look down, pull out a camera or have her pappa try to feel her, she’ll stop. But I think it’s adorable.

I like making up a little voice and personality for her, currently she’s a little feisty one, but camera shy. She HATES it when I lay on my right side, because when I do, she kicks and kicks me in the right until I turn over, it’s instant and quite remarkable how quickly she reacts to me being on my right. She also started kicking in the morning, like “WAKE UP MUM!!! I’m awake! Let’s play! I like to think she’s like her mamma and is a morning person.

Makes me wonder what her actual personality will be like when she graces us we her presence. Will she be a little bit like me? Or more like her papa? We will find out soon enough!

Here’s what I’ve been wearing lately

23 Weeks Pregnant

Office Look

23 Weeks

⇑Sorry for the blurry shot. Didn’t realise until now⇑

⇑Dress: H&M

Necklace: Forever21

 24 Weeks Pregnant

Another Office Look…

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Maternity Style: What I Wore – on Holiday

Heat. Humidity and 23 weeks pregnant! Not a great combination, here’s what wore to survive the heat

Day One


⇑Dress: Forever21 Shoes: White Havaianas

(how do you spot an Aussie? We wear flip flops everywhere, and for most occasions)

Day One: Dinner and Walking Tour


⇑I wore the same dress to The Met, I just added the woven belt this time. Seriously need to do something about my hair!

Day Two: Plantation Tour


⇑Another Forever21 dress, with the same belt as above 

Day Two: Dinner, Preservation Hall and wandering about on Bourbon Street, what a crazy street!!DSC06319

⇑Top and shorts both from Australia, both items I wore before getting pregnant

Day Three

⇑Top: Old Navy Shorts: Ksubi (with a rubber band holding the top button together!)


⇑Same Ksubi shorts with a non brand top from Australia. Paired with my trusty hat, sunnies, necklace and Coach leather backpack I wear everywhere! I hate holding a handbags! 

Day Four


⇑Stretch-knit body con dress from Forever21, not a maternity dress, just a size up from my pre-pregnancy dress size. My trusty yellow/mustard vintage Coach leather back pack. I bought this at the Brooklyn Flea Markets and I use it as my everyday handbag

As you can see, it’s a lot of summer items you’ve seen in previous posts. I don’t like to buy a lot of clothes, so I do tend to wear things to death!

Maternity Style: What I Wore – 21 Weeks Pregnant

Here’s what I’ve been wearing lately

Top: From Burlington Coat Factory – Non Maternity

Both non maternity
Blouse: No brand store from Australia
Skirt: Forever 21

Non Maternity work out clothes

Both from Forever 21: Work out topFold-over yoga pants

Tip: Folder over anything is your maternity style best friend. Anything sold as “maternity” will be about cost about 50% more and it you can fit into without blocking off your circulation, i say don’t buy the maternity yoga pants, just find a larger size fold-over whatever!


Maternity Style: What I Wore

Here’s what I’ve been wearing lately

18 Weeks Pregnant

Summer Outfits

1-18 Weeks Pregnant (2)

1-18 Weeks Pregnant (1)

⇑⇑Dress: Supre (Australian Brand) non maternity that I’ve had for years, I’m just surprised I can still wear it at 18 weeks pregnant! Though it’s a little short and always has been, walking is a little difficult as I have to keep pulling it down
Necklace is from Australia

18 Weeks Pregnant 

Office Style

⇑⇑Here’s my trusty blue skirt again, this time I’ve teamed it with a top I bought from Century 21
Skirt: Forever 21 Clearance Sale
Top: Century 21
Necklace: Australian Brand

19 Weeks Pregnant

Office Outfit

19 Weeks Pregnant

19 Weeks Pregnant

⇑Dress: Forever 21 – I bought this before I was pregnant and it was honestly too big for me and it also made me look like a 12 year old! I tried to return it, but they have a policy that if you take the tag off it, nada! So I had to keep it and it’s come in so handy to wear to work. I have to wear it with a blazer though. Gots to keep it professional!

Blazer: Oxford (Australian Brand)

19 Weeks Pregnant 

Nights Out

⇑⇑First night out in while where we had to dress up. I bought this dress from Century 21 when I first found out I was pregnant and this is the first time I wore it and I loved it! I don’t know the brand and it’s in my pre-pregnancy size but the skirt portion is so stretchy, it perfectly shaped my little belly!
Shoes: Nine West
Bag: Kate Spade (Even though you can barely see it)
Arm Candy is my DH

20 Weeks Pregnant

Office Outfit

20 Weeks Pregnant
⇑⇑ Dress: Forever 21 – I’m loving this store for their flowy summer dresses, this one is my normal size, Forever 21 generally runs a little large for me, but it’s so flowy that I can get away with it work.
Yes, this is how I wore my hair to work! It’s how it is most days!

20 Weeks Pregnant

Double Dinner Date Outfit

1-20 Weeks Pregnant (3)
⇑⇑ We met up with some friends after work for dinner as the house was in shambles due to some tiling work and I didn’t want to be home with all the dust.
I wore this top to work and just changed my bottoms. Both are pre-pregnancy clothes
Top: Clearance rack from Banana Republic
Shorts: Oxford (Australian Brand)

20 Weeks Pregnant

Summer Outfits

1-20 Weeks Pregnant (16)

⇑⇑Half way there and she’s still a little bump that I’m just able to get away with wearing my pre-baby outfits. Note: I have a rubber band holding the top botton of my shorts

Top: Some discount store in Australia (Sydney has these fabulous stores that you can buy on trend tops for about $10 a pop, you’ll notice I shop there a lot. I just refuse to spend so much when the fabric is exactly the same, except the tags on them)
Shorts: Tsubi (Sold in Australia, I haven’t seen them in the U.S yet)

Brooklyn Wanderbouts

We headed over to Brooklyn to finally check out Smorgasburg and boy did we eat well!
We don't have big appetites, we couldn't really move after eating all this food.
We don’t have big appetites, we couldn’t really move after eating all this food.
How cute is this ice cream parlor?!?! That picture of the stopwatch is DH literally counting how long it would take me to crash from the sugar in my ice-cream.  Obviously, I didn't last long!

How cute is this ice cream parlor?!?!
That picture of the stopwatch is DH literally counting how long it would take me to crash from the sugar in my ice-cream. Obviously, I didn’t last long!

The cool places you stumble upon when you get lost looking for food

The cool places you stumble upon when you get lost looking for food

Yup! #IWokeUpLikeThis

Yup! #IWokeUpLikeThis

DH is going through an 'Art-teest' photo phase "We need to take more interesting photos and angles" he says. This manhole covered in stickers grabbed my attention and this was his 'art-teest' shot. I quite like it!

DH is going through an ‘Art-teest’ photo phase “We need to take more interesting photos and angles” he says.This manhole covered in stickers grabbed my attention and this was his ‘art-teest’ shot. I quite like it!

Maternity Style: What I Wore

Hi All 
Here’s what I’ve been wearing lately – Notice none of these clothes are maternity!

16 Weeks Pregnant

I didn’t really start showing until about 18 Weeks along
This is a tank and Skirt Combo really makes me not look pregnant
Skirt: H&M – Not maternity (This skirt was always too big for me & you can see the safety pin that holds the front of the skirt together so it doesn’t fly open!)
Tank: Supré (Australian Brand)
Blazer: Portmans (Australian Brand)
Necklace: Australian Brand

17 Weeks Pregnant

Check out my cute lil bump!

Pardon the bathroom backdrop. I take these photos as I’m getting ready and sometimes forget there’s the bathroom in the back
Here’s another office outfit, that can we worn be out and about
Pencil Skirt: Forever 21
Crop singlet: Supre (Australian Brand)
You can see the top that I end up wearing to work hanging in the first picture. I bought that from a discount fashion store for about $10. It sleeveless and has a white collar accent, super cute for summer


18 Weeks Pregnant

Easy Summer Outfit

I had an early morning facial so I just threw on this for easy changing when I got to the salon
Dress is Forever 21 – Not maternity, just larger size than normal
Hat: New York Street Markets
Backpack purse: Vintage Coach from Brooklyn Flea Markets
Sunglasses: Rayban