Happy Chinese New Year!

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới” that’s Vietnamese for Happy New Year!

Chinese New Year holds the most spiritual holiday in my heart. New Years Eve isn’t spent getting drunk at a party somewhere, it means stocking the fridge with food to represent the new year full of food, it means literally cleaning out all the negativity of the last year, so there’s a big clean out of the house, no cleaning on New Years Day as it means you’re throwing out all the good luck and now as a married adult, handing out Red envelopes to wish a prosperous coming year.

When I was little, Chinese New Year  or the Vietnamese name for it is “Tết” was the most important event calendar, we dressed up, went to temple, ate vegetarian and got carted around to all my mothers friend’s home and received red packets from all the adults. Now as a married adult, it’s our time to hand them out, and with Little Pebble with us now,

I’m excited  to pass on these traditions to my family. We don’t go all out like my mother did, I just make sure there’s a fridge full of food, the cash in our wallets and the house is completely cleaned. This year we’re taking Pebbles to see the dragon dances, the firecrackers and all the festivities held in Chinatown in New York. It’s a joyous occasion and if you’re in New York City this year, details of what’s happening can be found over at TimeOut

This year marks the year of the goat, the eighth sign of the Chinese Zodiac. The goat is regarded as an auspicious animal that delivers a year of promise and prosperity, so I wish you the most prosperous and wonderful new year


It’s Been Awhile

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Hello Interweb peeps!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here and I do have a good reason. Our little Pebbles decided to arrive two weeks early. Her birth was unexpected and as dramatic as ever, and of course there will be a post about it, but for now, thank you for staying tuned, I’ll be posting some back dated articles that had been prepared before Pebbles’ arrival and of course will continue post about our everyday adventures!



Hello Fall

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This week in New York, there was a collective realisation that Fall is upon us. The temperatures dropped and a distinct crisp note to the air was felt. Windows closed, sweaters are pulled on and scarves are wrapping us  up.

I love Fall, I love the beauty of the fire in the leaves, the warm sun and the crisp air. I love the fashion, the cosy layers but not feeling like the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.

Here’s what I’m dreaming about for this Fall

♥ Leaf Peaking is my absolute favourite activity to do in the Fall

♥ Apple Picking

♥ Halloween! What are Pebbles and I going to wear??!?!?!?


I really want a faux-fur coat! I think New York is the ONLY city I could get away with wearing this coat but here’s what’s currently on my shopping list

1. I’ve been on the search for years for a soft leather waterfall jacket. This Zara jacket might be it

2. Scarves…scarves…and more scarves! I just love them all! This one is from Mango and I love the bright pop of color and love heart print!

3. O.M.G this cape from Reiss is to die for!

4. A little bit of fabulousness with this faux fur vest. Just Fabulous!

5. Knee high socks for thigh high boots, a short skirt and a sweater! Perfect Fall Outfit!

6. Ankle booties! To keep your tooties warm and fabulous!

7. Leather-throw-it-all-in-there tote from Zara and it’s reversible!

8. I can honestly see me and my pregnant belly never getting out of sweatpants all through fall and it’s just convenient that it’s totally acceptable to wear these in public!

Make up

Fall Favourites-page-001

1. I love a good cateye on my days I feel like being a little bit fancy! And a good liquid eye liner is key to getting the perfect wing tip. This new line from Benefit is meant to be the Sh*t.com!

2. I received a little sample of Benefit’s Erase Paste years ago and I tell you what! It lasted 6 months and it made my skin flawless without ever caking up. I hate thick make – up and I hate when it mattes over. This little gem is the only concealer I use to brighten my eyes and cover trouble spots.

3. Loving the brown and pink shades from this Nars pallet for a subtle fall look

4. Bite is probably my favourite lipstick line. I love the consistency and more than that, I love that it’s 90% organic

5. Buxom packaging is super adorable. I love that the logo is imprinted into the actual lipstick and the cap acts as a mini mirror. This deep shade of red is perfect for fall

6. I hate when my lipstick runs, I really want to grab me one of these to keep it all in check!

7.  I bought this Sephora stain on a whim and I swear I’m going back for more, this time in some fall shades

8. It’s a very rare occasion where I don’t have color on my nails, normally when I’m removing my polish and I notice my nail beds need bit of a breather. But these colours are fall fun!

9. More colors for when I need to feel happy

10. I like to add a bit of sparkly on my ring fingers, but I hate (!) taking it off. I’m hoping this stuff makes life just a little bit easier!

Well, that’s what I’m currently obsessing about for the next three months (non baby related of course)! What are you fawning over for fall?

Cronut Sunday


After months of attempting to order the legendary Dominique Ansel Bakery Cronut online because I refused to line up for them. I finally scored myself a couple.
Happy Sunday everyone! I hope yours is as sweet as mine!!