#StyleTheBaby: Girly Frills


How cute is this outfit??!?!??!!?!? Gahhhh I just want to die from cuteness overload!

This just makes me happy! Doesn’t it make you happy? I daydream of a little cheeky smiley little girl, just flopping around giggling about in this outfit. I love the frills against the converse socks and polka dot onesie! Just adorable!

I’m thinking this outfit is good for Spring as she will still be itty bitty and the weather will be starting to warm up. And if she starts to fit this outfit before the sun comes back. I’ll just dress her up in it and have an indoor play date! I can’t wait to dress her in this skirt! I think it’s my favourite piece!

∼ Onesie: Lucky Brand ∼

∼ Skirt: Ralph Lauren

∼ Socks: Converse 

∼ Toy Monkey: A precious gift from a colleague ∼


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