What I Wore: Maternity Style


H&M dress – non maternity | Shoes: Nine West | Belt came with another outfit bought at Forever21

As I’m writing this post, I’m actually 33 weeks pregnant, the last three weeks have flown by so quickly I can hardly keep up with this growing baby.

As my guestimated date is fast approaching, we’re in full swing of planning and prepping. Pebble’s movements have changed from a thumping kick to rolling fly kicks and butt pushes into my ribs. I love how she moves and wriggles around all day and I love her butt pushes most because I can visualize her poking her little bum at me.  She also has the major case of the hiccups. Well, what I’m assuming are the hiccups, otherwise, she has fantastic rhythm in her sparring.

I’m constantly amazed that I’m growing an itty bitty person inside me! I still can’t wrap my brain around it! A Person! Inside Me!?! I also happen to think she is awesome!

We had a couple of days where she was really really quiet and I quietly freaked out and panicked, imagining the worst, even though I know her movements would lessen as she began to run out of room. It’s strange how quickly the ‘parent worry’ sets in.


Forver21 Dress, non maternity

On days when I begin to worry too much, I put my headphones in and I listen to my HypnoBabies® Positive Birth Affirmations and my Fear Clearing tracks and everything melts away. I am so happy we went with HypnoBabies® birthing technique. It sounds ‘crazy’ to some, but honestly, it’s calmed so many anxious thoughts and fears. It’s mentally and emotionally prepared me for the best possible birth I can have. I use my ‘bubble of peace’ on a daily basis as protection against the ridiculousness of people’s comments and horror stories that strangers like to jam down your throat and into your head (I mean, who says to someone “Oh you’re due in December? December babies are unhappy babies” WHAT THE FUDGE?!! WOOOOOSAAAAAAAAA and Bubble of Peace!!!)

If you’re currently researching on which birthing classes you’d like to do, I do highly recommend looking into HypnoBabies®. We took the in-class course, but I’ve read you can also take the course online. HypnoBabies® was designed by a lady who was practiced in the Bradley Method for over ten years and it’s apparently different from Hypnobirthing. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to know my experience with HypnoBabies®

Update with my pregnancy symptoms:

  • I’ve gained 20-ish Lbs
  • My belly button hasn’t popped, I’m still an inny! But it’s really sensitive at the moment, so weird…so maybe it’s about to pop!
  • I feel so stretched and braxton hicks are a regular thing, they’re not painful, just very tight and I love how lopsided my belly gets
  • She’s the size of a squash! I think that’s cute!
  • I don’t currently have any food cravings and I’m not really going through any food phases. Though I stated to eat a small sweet dessert every night which I then decided I needed to cut out as I would never eat like this without baby, so why should I be allowed now. So now gobble down clementines after dinner! YUM!

Pea in the Pod Jeans – Maternity Sweater is from TJ Maxx – non maternity

Bless my DH! I'd been so busy that I hadn't had time to update our chalkboard. So he took it upon himself to update the weeks. He tries! And I love him for it!

Bless my DH! I’d been so busy that I hadn’t had time to update our chalkboard. So he took it upon himself to update the weeks. He tries! And I love him for it!



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