#Flashback Friday: Halloween 2013

Halloween Costume Ideas


It’s almost Halloween again!!! This year I have a bump to dress, but today’s #FlashbackFriday takes us back to last year’s epic adventure!

Halloween isn’t celebrated in Australia. Shock horror I know! But since celebrating it for the first time last year, it’s probably become one of my favourite holidays (but not as high as Christmas! Nothing beats Christmas!)

Halloween Costume Ideas

DH, myself and a couple of friends dressed up to the nines! We spent an entire Hawaiian morning searching for the perfect group Halloween costumes (we were there for a friend’s wedding). Our other friends thought we were mad but it had to be done. Finally ordered and delivered safely to our apartment in NY. We would dress up and go walk the Village Halloween Parade! I’ve never had so much fun!

Halloween Costume Ideas

The biggest surprise to us was the fact that we were stopped every 5 minutes to take photos with random people. Riding the subway was like this huge party and everyone were friends. We had a common bond…we all looked seriously creepy! We were stopped so often it made it almost impossible to actually make it to the parade that we had to actually start refusing photos and almost break out in a jog to get to where we needed to get to.

Halloween Costume Ideas

The streets were jammed with people, the parade walkers and people who were there lining the streets to watch. I’d never been in a parade before, it really was a treat!

Halloween Costume Ideas

Some hilarious moments:

DH made a little girl cry, she was staring at him as he walked pass and he launched and said BOO! She was so frightened, she froze right on the street and started to tear up! The biggest surprise was her dad High-Five’d DH and thanked him! I thought he’d get a punch in the face for that…I guess it is Halloween after all; even little girls need a fright!

DH and his buddy continued this tradition as we walked the parade and would randomly scare the crowd. Their reactions were hilarious and they loved it!Halloween Costume Ideas

Myself and my buddy were asked to take a lot of photos! Cute Dorothy’s that had been zombie-fied was completely left field and there wasn’t anyone on the street with the same costume as us!

Here are a few spooky snaps

Halloween Costume IdeasHalloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

We have no plans as yet for this Halloween, I’m actually sad that our friends aren’t here to celebrate with us as we had so much fun together last year.

I’m not sure I’m going to dress my bump this year, but I’ve seen some pretty cool costumes and some really awful ones (zombie mums who are eating their toy baby!!! What the!?!?!?!)

Any pregnant mammas out there with some cool ideas of how to dress your bump?

Halloween Costume Ideas


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