#StyleTheBaby: A Dedication to Our Family


It goes without saying, we love our family, they are the most important people in our lives and owe so so much to them.

Though both DH and I, are the youngest in our families, we are the first to have the grand babies, so you can imagine the excitement that goes with producing the first grand babies! The sad part is, we’re not home to share this experience with them. This makes us ridiculously sad and a whole load of guilt comes with it, because boy, are they excited. So excited the entire family is visiting us in December for the entire month. Cold, expensive and cold! But it’s their first grand baby and niece! So no way are we stopping them from spending time with us over the greatest, funnest time of year. Have you ever been to New York in December. It’s Christmas on steroids! I’m like a kid in  candy store, nothing can get me down!

We bought these little onesies to honor our family, to say, “We love you, and Pebbles loves you!!!”

∼ My Grandpa is the Best – Carters ∼

∼ Hugs for Grnadma – Carters

∼ Fancy like my Aunt – Baby Gap

Did you know it’s extremely hard to find anything for Uncles! I mean, that’s totally discriminatory! I know for a fact Pebbles’ uncle is awesome!

Does anyone know where I can get Uncle onesies? Can’t have my big bro missing out on the fun!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you have a great week!


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