What I Wore: Maternity Style at 30 Weeks Pregnant

30 Weeks pregnant and my growing bump has been needing a new wardrobe lately and I’m getting creative with what I wear to my 9-5. I’m still not convinced that maternity specific clothing is really necessary, except for pants – jeans and work trousers are a definite need, but I only have one of each. For leggings and boyfriend jeans, I still wear my old pre-baby bump ones and they fit fine. I purchased a maternity skirt from Gap, which was so flimsy and floppy, that made me feel so frumpy, they had to go back. Head to H&M or Forever21 or your favourite basics store and buy yourself a jersey pencil skirt in a size larger than you normally do.



The day was a lot chillier than I expected so I had to throw on my wool coat. This was a purchase from Australia, and in true fashion, it’s not at all maternity!


These two last outfits I’ve been rocking since the beginning of my bump, though the orange dress is getting a little too short, but I think I can get away with it as a top soon if I pair it with leggings.

My trusty Forverver21 blue skirt really has gone the long haul in my pregnancy – here’s me in it from the very beginning to now!

Blue Skirt

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