30 Weeks Pregnant

And 10 weeks to go!

30 weeks1

I say this week in and week out. Where has the time gone? I was asked the other day, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being absolutely freaked out and 10 being absolutely excited, how do I feel about Pebbles’ pending arrival?

I paused and thought, it’s not like I’m not excited, because I am, believe me I am, but it’s a scary thought welcoming a new itty bitty person into the world and absolutely, every single, unknown aspect of how it will actually be, is beyond daunting. My answer to his question? It depends. It depends on how much I’ve done to prepare for her arrival at the point in time. And it so happened that at this point in time, these parents-to-be had gotten a lot done.

We’ve completed our birthing classes, toured our hospital and just booked the extra child care classes. So, I was at a 10! Super duper, can’t-contain-myself, excited! Before that, I would have said 1! Holey-Moley I haven’t got anything done! We don’t even have a crib! Actually we don’t have anything at this point, but that’s another post!


The past 30 weeks have flown by, I remember very vividly the moment I saw those two little lines, to confirming it with the Dr and making her do an extra blood test just to make sure. I remember how desperately I wanted my bump to come along quicker and how slow the first few months were! I remember the first moment I thought I felt her kick, or flutter, really, in my belly. I remember how tender my breasts were in the beginning, so tender, I couldn’t even hug DH and I love hugs, big tight bear hugs! After a few weeks I really missed him because I wasn’t getting my normal hugs.  I remember hearing her little heartbeat for the first time, her first sonogram where she was a blob on a black screen and then being able to see her strong little four chamber heart beat 150 bpm. I remember finding out Pebbles was going to be a gorgeous little girl and the absolute fail of our gender reveal!

I’m so enamored by this little person growing inside me, her little personality, yes it’s a made up personality, but I have a very active imagination. Her movements, her kicks, punches and the little wriggles, I feel more and more each day and by her punches, I’m pretty sure she is sparring in there, getting ready to spar with her Daddy when she arrives. I’m curious to find out what she will look like, who she will be, how much hair she will have, honestly have you seen how much hair both DH and I have? Will she have his nose? My lips? His thumbs? We will find out in 10 weeks I guess.


How has my life has changed in the last 30 weeks? I haven’t had a latte in 30 weeks, I’m a latte-a-day kinda gal…I miss my lattes. I also miss camembert cheese, and cold cut meats, I miss sashimi and oysters, I miss malbec! I’ve grown fond of sandwiches. I hate sandwiches, I firmly believe that all meals should be eaten with utensils! It’s not a meal without utensils, and all that wasted stomach space on all that bread! But good ol’ sandwich and I have become good friends. I’ve had to learnt to walk slower, pee more and understand that I’m not as agile as I used to be.

I’ve started this blog! I love this blog and I can’t wait to grow it even more as I continue to learn about the intricacies of the blogosphere!

My body has changed, my boobs are huge, I’ve gone from an A-B cup to a C-D cup and on my petite frame, they make me uncomfortable, but they will feed my baby so I say grow grow grow!

I’ve had an amazing run throughout my pregnancy. I don’t have the normal symptoms of pregnancy, I didn’t suffer from morning sickness (thankfully), my energy was and is always high, I haven’t swollen up, I don’t have weird cravings, though I just go through food phases, from nothing but fruit, and only tom yum soup for dinner to kim chi with EVERYTHING! Right now, I want tuna wraps for lunch and I’m only allowed to eat that once a week, so I really look forward to tuna wrap day! I don’t even think I’ve had the crazy mood swings. I feel like I was made for pregnancy.

30 weeks

I’ve just been a better version of me. Energized and motivated to make my life better, I eat to feed myself and feed Pebbles, so I eat better. I’ve learnt that in the beginning, when a woman is stroking her belly, it isn’t a maternal thing yet, it’s cramps! And I’ve also learnt that when a pregnant woman is ‘waddling’ it’s because she absolutely needs to pee! Or is that just me?

I attribute my easy pregnancy with my somewhat healthy and active lifestyle, not believing in ‘you can eat whatever you want’ or, ‘you’re eating for two.’ My diet has pretty much stayed the same, I still work out 2-3 times a week, albeit slower than I was used to, so slow, that I’m anxious to know how I will go when Pebbles isn’t inside me anymore.

What’s new this week?

  • My linea negra has finally appeared.
  • I’m pretty sure my belly button is about to pop out.
  • I passed my gestational diabetes test (I refused to take the orange goop and tracked my sugar levels for two weeks for my OBGYN instead.)
  • We’re interviewing pediatricians this week
  • Finally almost ready to start buying baby stuff! Oh the cuteness!
  • And I’m super excited for my maternity photo shoot with Jane’s Lens next weekend!

Here’s to the final few weeks of my pregnancy, I can only hope it continues as smoothly as the last 30 weeks!


Stay tuned to see how Pebbles’ nursery space will look like, her shopping haul and eventually her birth!


4 thoughts on “30 Weeks Pregnant

    • Thank you so much Pauline! That’s so sweet of you to say. It’s an exciting journey and I’m really excited to share it all. You’re too funny, I’m afraid the only cure of baby fever, is to find a baby and get some cuddles and kisses in!


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