Last SummerDaze in New York: Part Two

Central Park  (1)

As promised, my Hubby took me back to Central Park to go row a boat! He is definitely very good to me!

This time we had a mission, no dwadling, no grabbing a bite, no getting lost! Make a bee-line straight to the Row Boats. And that’s exactly what we did, except the smallish stop on a park bench to listen to a jazz band for a few minutes, we made it in good time though and there barely was a wait.

Central Park (9)

⇑ We rowed so far to the edge of the pond that we actually beached ourselves and got stuck!

Central Park

People couldn’t process why a pregnant lady was rowing her husband around, I kept getting looks and mostly smiles, but they definitely found it strange. I don’t like missing out on fun activities, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to row, but I gave it go. I’ve been quite active and mobile during my pregnancy, but even I was surprised I was about to play on the row boats without making Pebbles unhappy.

I had so much fun rowing us around, DH was quite amused by it all. I must say though, he was almost ready to pull out of the entire expedition. He got himself worked up and was talking nonsense about being worried I’d fall in and the water is dangerous (haha) and I basically can to pitch to him that I.was.fine. and PLEASE do not take this away from me. Come Sunday, he was all for me having a row!

Central Park (8)

It was another glorious day in Central Park, the sun was high and hot. We found a little shade and chilled for a few moments. Taking in this city and this view from a row boat on a pond in the middle of the concrete jungle. AMAZEBALLS!

Central Park (10)

Did you know an hour goes quick? Who would have thought an hour on a row boat on a smallish pond would go so fast!?! We had lost track of time that we had to speed back to return the boat!

Central Park (2)

⇑Bump takes the Literary Walk and finds some acorns!

We briefly stopped by the bar at the lake for a beer and a sparkling water to absorb all the fun we had and just be in the moment. Another glorious memory we made for ourselves, another Everyday Adventure to add to our books. It was a perfect weekend and I think I’ll be talking about this one for a long time!

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2 thoughts on “Last SummerDaze in New York: Part Two

  1. Thank you! That’s so very kind of you! Everyday adventures are definitely the best kind!
    I had a little peak at your blog and you’re writing and photography are beautiful! Inspiring actually!


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