Last SummerDaze in New York

Central Park (1)

Feels like Fall has finally stepped into gear but over the weekend we were granted one final hurrah from Apollo this past weekend and it felt like summer wasn’t quite ready to lose the fight with winter and it was glorious! So, we headed up to Central Park for some wanderings, getting lost and ticking a couple of things off our New York Bucket List!


⇑ Bump has brunch!!!

We started off our day with brunch of course! Le Grainne Cafe was actually the first cafe I visited when I moved to New York, I only had a latte, sat outside and though cute, there was a big white truck parked right in front of me, so it kind of ruined the atmosphere and I’ve been wanting to go back ever since to try their menu. In hindsight it maybe wasn’t the best idea while pregnant as there wasn’t much I could actually eat on the menu that I liked. I went with the omelet, I’m not sure why, cos I don’t even like omelets and ordering this, basically reconfirmed that I really don’t like omlets. BUT everything else was great, inside is adorably vintage French, the staff are buzzing around, busily tending to their tables, all with smiles on their faces. For such a busy New York Cafe, you could, maybe, excuse a place for having grumpy staff, you’d kind of expect it actually, but they really weren’t here. They were all really sweet and friendly. Will need to go back and have what DH had, I really miss my lattes and poached eggs! yummmmmm!


I love Central Park. It is my favourite place in this entire city,  and the aim of today’s game was to go on a row boat adventure! But coming out of the subway, we ended up entering the park at a completely new entrance, so typically us, we got lost but I love getting lost here, you stumble upon new things and places all the time, like this ⇑ bridge! You know this bridge, everyone knows this bridge…ok my husband didn’t know about this bridge, but he isn’t into pop culture and rom coms like I am, so I can’t expect him to know this bridge. But I’ve been searching for this bridge forever! As you can see I was absolutely delighted to find it!

We’ve lived here for over a year now, we visit the park at least once a month sometimes more, but we found so much this weekend, it as amazing! How can you visit one place continuously for over a year and still find wonderful places? This is why I love New York! It’s impossible to be bored here, it’s jaw droppingly gorgeous and always buzzing!

Central Park (3)


⇑Still lost, and I look down and it suddenly dawned on me…GAHHH I have a beach ball of a belly! Where did that come from! So crazy how your body changes, in what feels like, overnight!⇑

Central Park (4)We eventually found our way, it was about midday and we were starving. We figured we’d ‘grab a bite’ at The Boathouse. HA! Little did we know, this place isn’t for the faint hearted. As this decision lead to a 10 minute wait to be grab a buzzer that had an hour and half wait to be actually seated. We made the executive decision to just wait. We’ve been wanting to eat here for a while now, it was on the Bucket list, we’re here now, so we may as well. We did grab a something small for the bar to tie us over, sat in the courtyard and chatted and before we knew it, we were getting buzzed. And oOo so fancy here, worth the wait, but if you can get a reservation, I would plan it out a little better. I also like how spontaneous it was, something we’re trying to take advantage of while we can.

Central Park (5)After our fancy (THIRD!!!) brunch, we were ready to hit the high waters and go rowing! The sun was lower, so it was a perfect time to go, but it seemed everyone else had the same idea. The line was ridiculous! We took one look at each other and said, nope, no way! DH promised we would come back the next day when the line isn’t so crazy.

The day was still so perfect that I wasn’t ready to go home, we saw the lines for the Global Citizen Festival and decided that we’d plonk ourselves outside the gates and listen to the great live music. Though upon walking to the Great Lawn, we stumbled, once again, on a couple of other places we’d known about but hadn’t seen yet. The Alice in Wonderland statue and the Conservatory Water pond where you can sail boats! We scrapped the festival and wandered around here for a little while longer. There was a jazz band performing, children playing and the sun was setting, it was just magical.

Central_Park4The light…sunset light, it’s magical, stunning and beautiful.

Central Park  (3)

Seriously, #nofilter. The light is amazing (so are my fabulous Tiffany sunnies!)

Central Park  (4)

Though we didn’t get to do our row boat adventure on Saturday, DH promised me we’ll come back first thing tomorrow and row our hearts off! I loved this day regardless. It felt like a dream, because I mainly remember the light, the adventures of discovering so many new places in this beautiful park, the fun we had getting lost and wandering randomly through. Truly one of the best days I’ve had, and all in my back yard!


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