Maternity Style – What I Wore

Maternity StyleHi Everyone!

Here’s what I’ve been wearing lately…

As the weeks roll on, my little bump continues to grow and grow, I’m finding it harder to dress professionally and even casually as I’m getting quite bored of my clothes. Before it was all new and cute, and now I just feel a little sloppy and the clothes feel tired. But we’re at the end of summer, so I’m not wanting to buy new summer dresses and tanks just for a few extra weeks. I’m looking forward to the cooler simply because I’ll be able to justify in my head that I need a new wardrobe, quite literally.

For me, non maternity just sits better on me, and at a fraction of the cost of actual maternity clothes. I just refuse to spend money on clothes I know I will only wear for a few months! So everything in this post is non maternity, either just a size larger than normal and in stretch jersey or loose fitting (except the black trousers I wore in the 27 weeks shot). Dressing for your dump isn’t as ‘difficult’ or ‘ frumpy’ as it’s made out to be, you can wear your normal style clothes given is has enough space in it. Quite honestly, I would recommend this method of dressing your bump. There is SO much change happening during this process, the one thing you can do for yourself is to dress like you and feel like you, show off that gorgeous bump and just be gorgeous!!!




Maternity Bikini Style

Victoria’s Secret bikini. I’ve always been x-small on top but with Pebbles, I’ve graduated to Medium! Bottoms are in small but it had that saggy, extra material look which is not cute. oh wells!


I really need to update my phone or commit to take proper photos as I really hate the way these have come out!

Thanks for stopping by everyone!




2 thoughts on “Maternity Style – What I Wore

  1. Great advice on maternity clothes. I too am trying to buy as little as possible in the maternity section. What have you been doing about pants? I did buy a pair of jeans and a pair of black pants from TOPSHOP Maternity at Nordstrom but they begin to sag and get really loose by the middle of the day. Thx! xx Ly


    • Thanks Ly, I’m not a huge pants person so I literally one have pair of pants for work! They are from Gap Maternity and I wear them to death (At least 3 times a week, depending how lazy I am). These also suffer from from the saggy loose material in the back which isn’t cute as you know! But I find a wash snaps them back into place. For outside work, I bought a pair of maternity skinny jeans from Macy’s, I don’t remember the brand, will check it out when I’m home at let you know, but they are oh so comfortable! I could live in them all day! I haven’t been wearing them as it’s been so warm, but I suspect I will be living in these soon! What else have you been buying?
      xxx V


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