Playing Host In New York

Playing Host In NYC

We played host over a couple of weeks in September when two groups of friends came for a visit. It’s always such a treat to have friends visit us here in this magnificent city that we get to call home.

We loved seeing them and spending time catching up and laughing, it honestly felt like we were back home when we all saw each other, especially when we’re so far from everyone during the baby bump phase in our lives.

Here’s the little path we took our friends on

A Guide to Chelsea

Almond – Yes, not technically Chelsea, but close enough. This a little gem I found wandering about around the Flatiron building and it’s a great place for brunch. The decor provides a charming rustic atmosphere with farm style tables and earthy tones. There’s a room where they simply cut the bread,  and billiards table in the back of the restaurant where you can work off your meal!

Playing Host In NYC

 Eataly – I love wandering through here, the buzz is always electric and the aroma of fresh food fills your nostrils and makes you just want to eat everything! Playing Host In NYC

230 Fifth Rooftop – This is an absolute MUST go to rooftop bar. It’s one of my favourites and yes it’s a little touristy, but who cares, when you are in this city, you just want to absorb everything it.  The moment The Empire Building rises above you as you walk onto the deck, its breathe taking and you are in absolute awe of this city!

Playing Host In NYC

Chelsea Market – If you can’t tell, I love food, so it’s only fitting that we ended up at our second foodhall in one day. I love the vibe here as well, I especially love the salt and balsamic tasting store and the massive lobsters you can buy in the seafood market!

A little further out near Union Square is a great dinner spot called ABC Cocina. The food and decor are amazing here.

A Short Guide to Brooklyn (In the Summer)

Smorgasburg – I’m a huge huge food truck fan! And this has to be one of my favourite summer activities. Heading over to Brooklyn and stuffing my face with fantastic food! Today, I had a Vietnamese omelet and topped that off with some Mac & Cheese! Yup, I’m very global!


Playing Host In NYC

Wythe Hotel Rooftop – So, I’m not a huge fan of this place, I think the views of Manhattan are better from the riverside of Smorgasburg. I think the line is stupid and I think the staff are pretentious and down right wankers (that’s an Australian term) I never recommend coming here but this stop was not my decision (and I’m not linking them here for that reason)

Playing host

Remember I said I really wanted a fur coat? Well, this one is not it! It was more of a scruffy dog than a coat!

Lower East Side Wanderings

I’m not calling this a guide as it was our friends who mostly led the way around this neck of the woods. We don’t typically venture out this “far” so here were out pit stops.

Spitzers Corner – This cool American gastro pub has a fun vibe, very loud and full of people. Long family style dinner tables and a great menu to boot. I really wanted the Pork Belly for dinner, but when they said they were out, the waitress recommended the fish tacos, and my god, they were divine! Would definitely go back here

Sweet Button Deserts  – Seeing as though I’m not participating with my drinking companions, I opted for a sweet dessert. We stumbled upon this gorgeous little dessert bar and was absolutely knocked off our feet with how scrumptious their desserts were! MAYBE the highlight of my night! OK it was!Playing Host In NYC

Little Rascal Cafe and Bar – we ended our lovely night here. A great little bar that our out of town friends had stopped by and wanted to go back to. It’s cute and intimate and the staff are lovely.

We had a blast with our friends, and though we were exhausted, I felt like we got in our last social hurrah in. As we don’t typically stay out until 1am in lower east side bars, it was good to be able to hang with our friends sans baby in toe and not worry too much about getting home for whatever baby reason. We won’t have this luxury in a couple of months, so it was nice to indulge in being young and free!

What are your must-sees you always take people to when they come to visit you?


2 thoughts on “Playing Host In New York

    • Aww – you just made my day right back!! So glad to have helped in anyway, there are so many little tucked away gems in this city, so glad you get to come back and explore a little deeper. I think of the fiery leaves of the trees during November. It will be a gorgeous time of year! Have fun and let me know what else you find!


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