Nesting: Dreaming of Nurseries

⇑I love the simplicity of this nursery. Fun and clean! My favorite⇑

I’ve officially entered my third trimester and I guess this is when sh*t gets real. The baby prepping kicks into full gear, shopping lists are created and stuff is bought!

Right now I’m dreaming of Pebble’s nursery and by nursery, I really mean ‘wall’ as we live in a converted studio,  she’ll have a ‘space’ rather than an actual room!

I’m leaning to clean, neutral colors with pops of yellow, with a vintage travel theme incorporated with hot air balloons and elephants. I really want a hot air balloon mobile, some cute prints, maybe paper pom poms over her crib, some bunting,  a reading nook and, a glider. I’m not sure how it will all fit into our tiny NY apartment, but I’m sure we can make it work!

This doesn’t stop one from dreaming of what the room she will eventually get when we move. Here’s a few designs I’m completely in love with

⇑How gorgeous is this polka dot wall!⇑

⇑Love the marquee initial, the walls, the map, the mobile…love this!⇑


4 thoughts on “Nesting: Dreaming of Nurseries

  1. love this post! The circus themed one at the bottom is my personal favorite. Looking forward to how you end up decorating- hope you share. xx Ly


    • I think I might agree with you on that one! Everything about it makes me happy! Such a happy space. Hopefully I can re create something like this in the space that we have now. Will definitely share when it’s all set up! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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