Day 3 in Chicago

I Love you Chicago!

Last day (insert sad face)  and the clouds had come in, (double sad face)!

BUT we did finally manage to get up early enough to get a table at the pancake place! WOO! And I had a PANCAKE! Not that you would know, but I’ve been wanting to have a pancake for about…a year or so! I don’t do well with an all carb breakfast, I basically need to go straight back to sleep, and it’s not a great way to start your day and places NEVER allow you to buy just ONE pancake, not even a kids order of pancakes! So even though I really want one, I will never order it. BUT my sizzling skillet came with a side serving of pancakes, two to b exact and I gobbled it up quick smart. DH was very surprised when he saw that I had pancakes with my breakfast! I was thrilled!

We had to get up early to get a table at breakfast!

We had to get up early to get a table at breakfast!



We hopped back onto the bus and did the final section of the loop, but while we were up on the top deck, the clouds opened up and it completely bucketed on us. Luckily they had ponchos for us and we sat and listened to our crazy and hilarious guide take us through the rest of the city. He was amazing! I wish I got his name, but he was hilarious, jumping on the seats, screaming out the streets and actually took out his harmonica and played us a blues tune! Ah-MAZ-ING! Best fun I had all trip!


By the time we got to our stop at the Sears Tower, the rain had stopped, and even though it was still quite early and it was raining, there was still a 2 hour wait to go up. I had a temper tantrum when DH didn’t want to line up and waste our time as we were told the visibility wasn’t great and he wanted some time to walk around Old Town. He was obsessed with Old Town and so though I felt bad about using that time to wait, this was a must do for me, and he only got interested in Old town the day before. So we waited and he spent two hours trying to cheer me up. How he has the amount of patience to deal with me temper tantrums is beyond me, and I am forever grateful that I have married such a wonderful man (Who puts up with all my sides)!

Keeping myself occupied while we waited in line for two hours. I love you Chi-Town!

We finally get up and wow what a view.




chicago14⇑ We make our way around the windows and we finally get to the Sky Edge section and what an experience, the floor just opens up beneath you and it’s so exhilarating! So glad we got to do that.chicago11

⇑Next stop was DEEP DISH PIZZA! Our crazy guide recommended an authentic pizza house and we took note! Traditional checkered table clothes, friendly people, sports bar and a pretty awesome deep dish pizza!

There are things I refuse to do unless I’m in the originating city, deep dish pizza was definitely one of them! I wouldn’t try it anywhere but in Chicago and I’m so glad I did. It was fresh, surprisingly light and oh so delicious! So glad we came to this little hole in the wall place over the bigger chains.


⇑We then headed over to the Adler Plantarium, this walk way is simply stunning and offers the best views of the Chicago skyline. We sat outside for a while before going in just to soak in the scene.chicago

We lazed about for a little too long as the Planetarium was closing in half an hour of us going in, luckily they allow you to walk around the building for free. I felt a little bad, as DH is a super geek and was really looking forward to catching a show, luckily we have the Hayden Planetarium here in New York, so I’m probably going to buy us some tickets to something there to make up for it.


⇑The Building is stunning, marble and beveled windows welcome you and as it was late in the afternoon, the sun was reflecting rainbows throughout the entrance. Another fun interactive museum if you have kids (or not) and if you allow yourself enough time to walk through it when it’s not closing! Whoops!


I’ve officially been told I”m no longer allowed to take jumping shots, due to Pebbles getting bigger. Here marks my last jumping shot until Pebbles arrives! Well we’ll see

Thank you for having us

Thank you for having us

Good Night and Farewell for now Chi-Town!

Good Night and Farewell for now Chi-Town!

Chicago was a fantastic surprise. A city I could come back to and wander about without getting bored. It’s beautiful, the people are amazingly friendly and there’s so much to keep  you entertained. Please visit if you ever get the chance, it really isn’t ‘just another city’

Favorite moments:

  • The Blue Waters of Lake Michigan
  • The City Skyline
  • Deep Dish Pizza at Pizano’s
  • Sky Edge
  • The buildings
  • The Science Museum
  • Tip: Book as much as you can…there was always a two hour wait wherever we went
  • Since living in NY, every new place I go, the first thing I notice is how clean the city is in comparison to NY, Chicago is a CLEAN city!

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