Three Days In Chicago


We spent Labor Day weekend in Chicago. A city on our pre-baby bucket list and we unfortunately didn’t get to spend too much time doing our research on what to do in the Windy City, and missed out on a few things we wanted to do, we still were able to take in this amazing city!

We didn’t know what to expect for our visit, and quite honestly, we figured it’d be ‘just another city’ but we quickly realized how wrong we were!

Here’s a ‘few’ photos from our weekend

Day One:

We arrived pretty early in the morning and after checking into the Hyatt Regency and mistakenly thinking we were back at the airport when walked into the hotel lobby, we went on a little walk looking for a cute café for breakfast, and on this little walk we came across the elevated train lines and I was immediately obsessed with it. Something so romantic about it, and I felt like I was transported back in time and part of a movie set. I loved it! Our cute little café ended up being Toni Patisserie & Café and though it didn’t have an extensive breakfast menu, it was exactly the feel I wanted to sit in for my first meal in Chicago.

Bump goes on a holiday!

Bump goes on a holiday!


Hotel Lobby or Airport?


Our general course of action when we visit any new place is to take a ‘hop on-hop off’ bus. I think it’s a great way to get the lay of the land and get some good background to the place you’re visiting. Now saying that, you can get some real duds in the tour guides that you end up riding with and they can really skew your outlook on the city. We bought a 3 day pass to take us around to all the major attractions of the city, our first guide was hilarious so we stuck with her for an entire loop. (TIP: if you can help it, stick with a good guide; stay on as long as possible, because you never know who you’re going to get next!)

Gearing up for the 'Hop on-Hop off' Bus Tour

Gearing up for the ‘Hop on-Hop off’ Bus Tour

Our first stop was the ever so popular Navy Pier. Now, this place didn’t live up to my expectations at all. I’m actually not too sure what you’re meant to do here, the restaurants weren’t great and there were no actual activities to do here. We walked along the pier and that, was probably the highlight for me. The blue of the Michigan Lake really took me by surprise, I couldn’t shut up about it the entire weekend, I felt like I was in Miami, except with no swimsuit or being allowed to jump straight into the blue blue waters! I was gobsmacked by how blue it was…I could keep going but I should move on.


It really is the WINDY CITY!

Chicago Chicago Chicago

We had dinner at Petterino’s Restaurant . The walls were covered in caricatures, had deep red velvety booths, dim lighting and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Perfect! We were seated right in the corner of the restaurant and DH and I had a conversation on how our seats would have been perfect for Al Capone, cos no one could crept up behind us. I felt hard core! Food was good, I first ordered a dish which wasn’t great, the waiters were so gracious about it and replaced with something else and that was delicious!


Our Al Capone corner and faces!

Our Al Capone corner and faces!

We headed over to Millennium Park next as the city was holding a free Jazz Festival and again, the amphitheater was spectacular! A public space that we couldn’t stop raving about, how can this beautiful space be free to the public!?!?! We saw one band and moved onto to ‘The Bean’ and had a little too much fun playing with our reflections.

Chicago ChicagoChicago Chicago

It was a long and fun first day in Chicago, stay tuned for the rest of our weekend!



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