Maternity Style: What I wore

These past couple of weeks has been fun for me, my belly continues to grow and every day I can feel her move more and more.

In the beginning, it was more snippets of “is that the baby or some digestion issue?” to “OoO! I have butterflies in my belly” to “OH! That! Has to be the baby!”

Then, it became a nightly ritual, once I got into bed, and was completely relaxed, we would have our play dates. Her pappa will put his ear to my belly and she will have a ball with us. My heart lights up when his eyes widen in complete amazement, he laughs and speaks into my tummy like he’s Darth Vader, sings nursery rhymes that we don’t all the words to so Twinkle Twinkle ends with you are my sunshine.  Such tender moments that I cherish.

Lately, she’s been having an absolute party in my belly, all. day. long! It’s so much fun for me as I like the constant reminder she’s there and she’s baking nicely.

I try to record her moving, as her movements are so strong we can see them, we could see them quite early on, but now they are prominent, and you can see her move more clearly. But she doesn’t perform on cue. If I’m in my own world, she’ll kick and punch and move, the moment I look down, pull out a camera or have her pappa try to feel her, she’ll stop. But I think it’s adorable.

I like making up a little voice and personality for her, currently she’s a little feisty one, but camera shy. She HATES it when I lay on my right side, because when I do, she kicks and kicks me in the right until I turn over, it’s instant and quite remarkable how quickly she reacts to me being on my right. She also started kicking in the morning, like “WAKE UP MUM!!! I’m awake! Let’s play! I like to think she’s like her mamma and is a morning person.

Makes me wonder what her actual personality will be like when she graces us we her presence. Will she be a little bit like me? Or more like her papa? We will find out soon enough!

Here’s what I’ve been wearing lately

23 Weeks Pregnant

Office Look

23 Weeks

⇑Sorry for the blurry shot. Didn’t realise until now⇑

⇑Dress: H&M

Necklace: Forever21

 24 Weeks Pregnant

Another Office Look…

24 weeks

⇑Blouse: From Australia (no name store)

Necklace: Forever21

Trousers: Gap Maternity

Bag: Kate Spade


Summer Outfit

24 Weeks Pregnant

⇑Shoes: Nine West

Maxi Skirt: Non Maternity. Bought in Australia but it’s my best friends and it’s a folder over maxi

Denim Jacket: Gap

Top: Non Maternity. Basic Tank from Supre

Statement Necklace: Forever21

Sunglasses: American Eagle

Bag: Vintage Coach from Brooklyn Flea Markets


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