Getaway Essentials

I didn’t leave the hotel without these babies in my gorgeous little backpack

Getaway Essentials

1. A must, was a wide brim hat. I bought this in Hawaii last year and it’s a staple for any sunny day (ps – notice that block dot on the brim of my hat? That bird’s poop I got while in New Orleans)

2. Statement necklace. This one was from Forever21. I wear quite simple clothes so I find a good statement necklace always adds a great pop! I like to pack light, so I only took one with me to New Orleans

3. Lipblam. As you can see I’ve used this almost to death, it’s actually Palmers Coco Butter Lipbalm I bought on impulse at Duane Reade one day and it’s been a life saver. I typically use Pawpaw balm, which is another life saver

3. Mosquito Repellent. I got this last year at the amazing Nizuc Resort and Spa in Cancun, Mexico and I loved it as it uses all natural ingredients and it also benefits from not having a choke-you-to-death aroma when you spray. The bottle is also a handy size.

4. Lipstain. I always feel put together when I have a lippy on and this stuff is amazing! Super soft and velvety, rich consistency so it goes on smoothly, you don’t need too much of it and stays on forever and the colors are fabulous! I need to go back and buy some more

5. Sunnies! My trusty Ray-Ban Aviators, they come everywhere with me!

6. Last but not least, oil blotting paper to help with the shine that inevitably comes with heat and humidity!

What are your must have’s when you head out of town for the weekend?


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