New Orleans: Part Duex

We had a fun filled four days in New Orleans last weekend and in true fashion, most of it was captured on my camera, here’s more from our adventures

New Orleans

⇑DH and I have have a tradition of taking jumping shots where ever we are, the beautiful Oak Ally was a gorgeous backdrop to add to our tradition.

New Orleans

⇑We HAD to take a paddle wheeler while in New Orleans and we HAD to count “1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi…” while on it! So hopped on the Creole Queen Riverboat Cruise. It was a real thrill to watch the big red paddlewheel turn in the Mississippi. 

New OrelansAs a port of the cruise, we were able to stop of at the Chalmette Battlefield and view the Malus-Beauregard House. DH was spent the entire time gobsmacked at how much of an advantage the US troops had over the English on this field, it’s no wonder they won the battle even though they were greatly outnumbered. Read more about it here. I’m not so sure we would’ve been able to win with our trusty umbrella friend.

New Orleans

⇑Oak Ally Plantation. If you get the chance, do take the tour, it’s a stunning Plantation. We took this shot from inside the tour bus, so it’s a little hazy.New OrleansNew Orleans

 ⇑We couldn’t quite capture how stunning Oak Ally truly was

New Orleans⇑Since getting pregnant, DH hasn’t ‘allowed’ me to enjoy my greatest food love…well I actually have a lot. But seafood is definitely way up there! So when he said we could have dinner at a seafood restaurant, I was thrilled. Another must do, was “Be on a Balcony” so we chose to have our dinner on the balcony and bare the heat and mosquitoes. I think I got away without being biten, though I did spray myself a few times while we were out there. We shared the boiled crab legs and had the greatest fun trying to crack those suckers open! DH won the challenge, he was so good at pulling out the meat from the legs, I, on the other hand, just created a mess. But I loved it!

New OrleansNew Orleans⇑I’m a huge fan of Love Taza and when I saw she had gone a trip to New Orleans, most of my to see list was based on what her family did on their trip. So when she said her favorite place was Preservation Hall, I made it top of my list to make sure we stopped by and we weren’t disappointed.

New OrleansNew Orleans⇑Our last tourist stop was Cafe Du Mond. EVERYONE we spoke to prior our trip told us we HAD to visit here, the health nuts in us thought it was a terrible choice of food, who needs deep fried pastry COVERED in icing sugar?!?!?! Apparently, we did, because, boy were these little babies delicious! I saw a fellow patron dunking his in his coffee, I followed suit and O.M.G it took it to another level! I am glad we had did on our last day as I think I would’ve have wanted it!

New Orelans⇑I got totally sugar bombed by DH!!! I should’ve have known he was up to no good when he said we should start a food fight and run away. I told him I’d never been in a food fight and he went quiet, about 2 minutes into being served, he smashed a beignet covered in icing sugar all over me! I couldn’t stop laughing but for some reason didn’t have the heart to seek my revenge!

New Orleans

New Orleans

⇑Thank you Nawleans for having us!

We had a blast and so glad we were able to experience your amazing city!

(That slushy cup is actually just full of ice water, I just wanted to feel like a part of the party)


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