Making Breakfast Fun



I like a simple breakfast, and on weekends I like to put my breakfast in a margarita glass!!!

It’s so quick, easy and makes eating something simple feel so decadent and most of all fun. It’s like having dessert first thing in the morning!


1 tub x Greek Yogurt – full fat if you can find it!

Handful of fruit. Whatever you have on hand. Today was frozen raspberries

1 x tsp raw honey

1 x Tbsp chia seeds


Stir the honey through the yogurt to make it nice and creamy. Layer the the yogurt and fruit in the glass by placing a dollop of the yogurt in the glass, half the fruit (try to get it around the edges of the glass as well for a pretty effect) and remaining yogurt and top off with the rest of the fruit and chia seeds.

p.s This may send your sugar levels a little high, follow up with a hard boiled egg (I prefer soft and runny eggs but it’s a no no in pregnant life) to level your blood levels

Sit and indulge in your gorgeous breakfast!




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