My Story So Far

This is me in a state of pure happiness after a stroll through a snow covered Central Park. My love for snow is limitless

This is me in a state of pure happiness after a stroll through a snow covered Central Park. My love for snow is limitless

Currently, my hubby and I live in New York City. A dream of mine that came true about a year ago, something I’ve wanted since I was a little girl and it took us five years to get our be-hinds over here. But we did it, it wasn’t easy but it was worth the risk! You can see the full story here.

Born and raised in beautiful Sydney, Australia, I’m a total adventurer, trying new things and exploring as much as I can. After I graduated, I moved to London and lived through the worse financial crisis since the great depression. Not a great start to my professional career, but I got through it and eventually got my dream job as an Event Manager for a small firm. It fulfilled my career dreams of travelling the world for work and my insatiable appetite to plan and create. After 3 years in London, and after 5 years of being together, my now hubby popped the question in Cyprus, at sunset, under Aphrodite’s Rock. It was unplanned and absolute perfection.  We decided to move home and work towards moving to New York. What was meant to be a 3 month break, turned into a two year stay. We got married in more perfection in Thailand and after much struggle decided it was time to make the leap. We worked and saved, we had one goal to achieve before leaving home. We had to lay down some roots. Those roots was an investment property and we saved and saved, whatever we could we put aside and with the help of friends and family from our wedding gifts, we managed to pull together enough to buy our property! The day after we were approved for our mortgage, my hubby quit his job and left for the Concrete Jungle. I stayed back a month to keep the financial stream coming in just in case things didn’t work out, but eventually I left as well. CRAZY!

The day after I landed, I found my job and 6 weeks later I started working in New York! Those 6 weeks were hard, the company kept saying I wasn’t right for the role, and I kept saying NO to their no’s. That’s the first thing you learn in New York. Don’t take no for answer, fight for what you want! I fought and I won! I have a great position, with a great team, with a great organisation.

This is a dream come true, ideal story that has worked out for me, but my time in London was anything but ideal, so I feel like I paid my dues and New York is allowing me to shine!

One year into our life here, and almost 9 years together, we decided we were ready to start trying to have a baby. I had a few issues, so I sincerely felt like it would take a while to fall pregnant, fortunately though, we got pregnant on our first try. It also helps that my hubby is a magnet of positive energy and believes that everything will work out for us. Something I heavily rely on as I have the opposite sentiment. He truly is the best thing to ever happen to me.

So that’s my story in a nutshell. While I write this, the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals are on right now, I’m 18 weeks pregnant, and recovering from a facial that I normally have but since getting pregnant, it’s another thing that has changed. It’s a warm 27 degrees with a cool breeze. and Life is perfect!


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