Celebrating 3 Months with Pebbles

3 months

In a blink of an eye, our gorgeous little Pebble is now three months old!

Pebbles’ Vietnamese name is Tuyet, meaning ‘Snow’; so it was only fitting that we wrap her up and play in the snow a little, especially as it was snowing A LOT yesterday her in NYC.

3 months 3 months DSC04822a

Thank you for choosing us as your parents



Happy Chinese New Year!

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới” that’s Vietnamese for Happy New Year!

Chinese New Year holds the most spiritual holiday in my heart. New Years Eve isn’t spent getting drunk at a party somewhere, it means stocking the fridge with food to represent the new year full of food, it means literally cleaning out all the negativity of the last year, so there’s a big clean out of the house, no cleaning on New Years Day as it means you’re throwing out all the good luck and now as a married adult, handing out Red envelopes to wish a prosperous coming year.

When I was little, Chinese New Year  or the Vietnamese name for it is “Tết” was the most important event calendar, we dressed up, went to temple, ate vegetarian and got carted around to all my mothers friend’s home and received red packets from all the adults. Now as a married adult, it’s our time to hand them out, and with Little Pebble with us now,

I’m excited  to pass on these traditions to my family. We don’t go all out like my mother did, I just make sure there’s a fridge full of food, the cash in our wallets and the house is completely cleaned. This year we’re taking Pebbles to see the dragon dances, the firecrackers and all the festivities held in Chinatown in New York. It’s a joyous occasion and if you’re in New York City this year, details of what’s happening can be found over at TimeOut

This year marks the year of the goat, the eighth sign of the Chinese Zodiac. The goat is regarded as an auspicious animal that delivers a year of promise and prosperity, so I wish you the most prosperous and wonderful new year


Dumbo Maternity Shoot


We spent an amazing afternoon in Dumbo, Brooklyn with the amazing Jane Cho from Jane’s Lens. I trawled the interweb and blogosphere to find a talented and local photographer who could capture our maternity shoot and I found Jane, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled!

We had a late afternoon session, the sun was setting and the light was absolutely perfect! We had such fun with Jane, I instantly felt a connection with her and that we’d been friends for a very long time, I guess that’s the key to a good photographer (besides their talent), is the ability to make their clients feel instantly comfortable so they are able to capture the true essence of the moment. And this is exactly what Jane was able to do for us.


DH and I are truly obsessed with these photographs, we can scroll up and down, click left and right on repeat, I almost think I love these more than our wedding photos! It’s a combination of my belly, the water, the back drop, the Bridge, the Carousel, the light…the light! My eyes were in heaven and my heart swelled with happiness when Jane sent these to me, I believe there may have been a few tears and I’m so excited to share these with you all and I do hope you love these as much as I do.

Maternity Maternity Maternity

Maternity Vivi Roc Maternity-22 Professional PhotosMaternity MaternityMaternity Maternity Maternity Vivi Roc Maternity-12 Maternity Maternity Maternity Maternity Maternitymaternity


#FlashBackFriday: Our Baby Sprinkle

A baby sprinkle… a small baby shower! How brilliant! I take no credit for coining this term; I whole heartedly stole it from the ever fabulous and fellow momma-to-be Eva Chen, Editor-in-Chief of Lucky Magazine

My darling DH organized a small get together with the very small circle we have built for ourselves here in New York City, it was such a lovely gesture as I’m not very good at wanting to organize these types things but in true White Knight style, he understood the importance of these type of celebrations and insisted we held something…small and lovely.

And small and lovely it was!

Even though we were a small group and we were at a restaurant, I wasn’t going to let that stop me from some festivities.

I put together a small and easy games booklet to keep us occupied while we would were waiting for our table, it’s The Boathouse, there was bound to be a wait for our table.

I kept the theme with our baby announcement to our parents and the baby shower invite itself to tie it altogether. I picked games that would be easy to play while we were all sitting so I chose to play, “ Guess the Gestation days of animals”, “The Price is Right”, “Can’t say the word ‘Baby’”, and my favorite, the “String Game” where everyone takes a guess at the size of my belly. There was also “Guess the chocolate in the diaper” but I completely forgot to actually prepare the diapers and DH ate one of the three chocolates that were to be used!

I also put together gender themed prizes, Pink Essie nail polish for the ladies and whisky for the men. I also bought some delicious doughseeds from Doughnut Plant as thank yous for everyone and they were a definite hit!

It was a beautiful Fall day and we were lucky enough to be seated at a window table at The Boathouse that framed the Pond and the park so artistically, it was hard not to look out of the windows and stare.

I had such lovely morning with my friends, laughing and playing these silly games, it was informal and relaxed and I’m grateful that I was able to celebrate this upcoming adventure in our lives and not let it pass us by, simply because we were away from home. Right now, New York is our home and I truly love it here.

It’s Been Awhile

Title-page-001 (1)

Hello Interweb peeps!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here and I do have a good reason. Our little Pebbles decided to arrive two weeks early. Her birth was unexpected and as dramatic as ever, and of course there will be a post about it, but for now, thank you for staying tuned, I’ll be posting some back dated articles that had been prepared before Pebbles’ arrival and of course will continue post about our everyday adventures!



“So no one told you life was gonna be this way”


Now, if you know that the title of this post is the opening line and recognize this couch, than you and I are kindred spirits!

For the 20th anniversary of the first episode of Friends, and in true New York fashion, 8 o’clock Coffee recreated Central Perk in Soho. What a brilliant idea.

I grew up watching this show. I’ve seen each episode at least 15 times each, tell me a line and I will know what episode it’s from. Along with Sex and the City, all real life events will always remind of an episode of Friends, I can walk down the street, see something, or hear something and laugh because it’ll remind me of Friends. I can re-watch Friends a million times and laugh every.single.time! Without fail!

It goes without saying, I love Friends! The news that NetFlix will start streaming it January 1, 2015…O.M.G! You won’t ever get me off it (Hard enough as it is already, currently catching up with Once upon a Time and waiting with baited breathe for Season 10 of Grey’s Anatomy)

When they opened the doors to the pop up Central Perk in Soho, it automatically became a must do! Unfortunately, life took hold and we only managed to make it down to Soho the day before they closed the doors and they weren’t handing out any more passes for that evening! I was so upset, I couldn’t talk, DH promised me that we would return first thing the next day and try our luck, I agreed, but I was still too upset to talk (until he took me into a paper store and all the pretty paper cheered me right up!)

So bright and early the following day, DH literally pushed me out of bed and we made our way down to Soho. We was already a line that wrapped around the block a couple of times. We joined the line at 8:15am. They weren’t opening until 10am. And slowly we watched the mania and absolutely hysteria unfold in front of us.

Waiting in line for 4 hours!

Waiting in line for 4 hours!

The line continued to grow and grow as the morning went on. It wrapped around itself a couple of times before security came along and re-started the line on the next block, but no one told the new joiners where to go so they continued to join the double line and all hell broke loose when they realized there were two lines.

Our line managed to avoid all the hysteria and received our entry passes for an 11am slot. At about 10:40 a silly security guard told us to all leave as we already had our passes and to come back 5 minutes before our time slot. We all looked at him like he was insane and no one budged, we weren’t losing our spot in line regardless. Slowly but surely we shuffled closer and closer to the entrance and like magic we were through the front doors!

Friends (4)

It was like my television came alive right in front of me, the white horse that Chandler and Joey ride in on when they move into Monica and Rachel’s apartment is the first thing you see and I almost lost it. DH didn’t understand what I was doing when I was posing in front of it, eh…as if you don’t know what I’m trying to do! I pity the fool! The Gellar Cup! Monica’s engagement ring…Phoebe’s guitar….SMELLY CAT!!!

Friends (3)

Edited26 Edited27

Friends (1)

Everything in the pop up was free! Free entry, Free Coffee…except the merchandise…we could even take photos on the couch for free. It would have made an absolute killing, but by the grace of the friends God, they made it all FREE! We got our photo taken on the couch! It was so worn in, it was surreal for me to sit on that couch knowing it was where the entire cast sat for 10 years!


The entire experience inside was about 10 minutes, a bit longer for us as we wanted to make our four hour wait a little bit more ‘worth it’.

It was a dream come for me, something that I never actually imagined that I could do.

And “so no one told you life was gonna be this way” to me…no one told me life could be this amazing!!!

He's my Lobster

He’s my Lobster

#StyleTheBaby: Girly Frills


How cute is this outfit??!?!??!!?!? Gahhhh I just want to die from cuteness overload!

This just makes me happy! Doesn’t it make you happy? I daydream of a little cheeky smiley little girl, just flopping around giggling about in this outfit. I love the frills against the converse socks and polka dot onesie! Just adorable!

I’m thinking this outfit is good for Spring as she will still be itty bitty and the weather will be starting to warm up. And if she starts to fit this outfit before the sun comes back. I’ll just dress her up in it and have an indoor play date! I can’t wait to dress her in this skirt! I think it’s my favourite piece!

∼ Onesie: Lucky Brand ∼

∼ Skirt: Ralph Lauren

∼ Socks: Converse 

∼ Toy Monkey: A precious gift from a colleague ∼

What I Wore: Maternity Style


H&M dress – non maternity | Shoes: Nine West | Belt came with another outfit bought at Forever21

As I’m writing this post, I’m actually 33 weeks pregnant, the last three weeks have flown by so quickly I can hardly keep up with this growing baby.

As my guestimated date is fast approaching, we’re in full swing of planning and prepping. Pebble’s movements have changed from a thumping kick to rolling fly kicks and butt pushes into my ribs. I love how she moves and wriggles around all day and I love her butt pushes most because I can visualize her poking her little bum at me.  She also has the major case of the hiccups. Well, what I’m assuming are the hiccups, otherwise, she has fantastic rhythm in her sparring.

I’m constantly amazed that I’m growing an itty bitty person inside me! I still can’t wrap my brain around it! A Person! Inside Me!?! I also happen to think she is awesome!

We had a couple of days where she was really really quiet and I quietly freaked out and panicked, imagining the worst, even though I know her movements would lessen as she began to run out of room. It’s strange how quickly the ‘parent worry’ sets in.


Forver21 Dress, non maternity

On days when I begin to worry too much, I put my headphones in and I listen to my HypnoBabies® Positive Birth Affirmations and my Fear Clearing tracks and everything melts away. I am so happy we went with HypnoBabies® birthing technique. It sounds ‘crazy’ to some, but honestly, it’s calmed so many anxious thoughts and fears. It’s mentally and emotionally prepared me for the best possible birth I can have. I use my ‘bubble of peace’ on a daily basis as protection against the ridiculousness of people’s comments and horror stories that strangers like to jam down your throat and into your head (I mean, who says to someone “Oh you’re due in December? December babies are unhappy babies” WHAT THE FUDGE?!! WOOOOOSAAAAAAAAA and Bubble of Peace!!!)

If you’re currently researching on which birthing classes you’d like to do, I do highly recommend looking into HypnoBabies®. We took the in-class course, but I’ve read you can also take the course online. HypnoBabies® was designed by a lady who was practiced in the Bradley Method for over ten years and it’s apparently different from Hypnobirthing. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to know my experience with HypnoBabies®

Update with my pregnancy symptoms:

  • I’ve gained 20-ish Lbs
  • My belly button hasn’t popped, I’m still an inny! But it’s really sensitive at the moment, so weird…so maybe it’s about to pop!
  • I feel so stretched and braxton hicks are a regular thing, they’re not painful, just very tight and I love how lopsided my belly gets
  • She’s the size of a squash! I think that’s cute!
  • I don’t currently have any food cravings and I’m not really going through any food phases. Though I stated to eat a small sweet dessert every night which I then decided I needed to cut out as I would never eat like this without baby, so why should I be allowed now. So now gobble down clementines after dinner! YUM!

Pea in the Pod Jeans – Maternity Sweater is from TJ Maxx – non maternity

Bless my DH! I'd been so busy that I hadn't had time to update our chalkboard. So he took it upon himself to update the weeks. He tries! And I love him for it!

Bless my DH! I’d been so busy that I hadn’t had time to update our chalkboard. So he took it upon himself to update the weeks. He tries! And I love him for it!


#Flashback Friday: Halloween 2013

Halloween Costume Ideas


It’s almost Halloween again!!! This year I have a bump to dress, but today’s #FlashbackFriday takes us back to last year’s epic adventure!

Halloween isn’t celebrated in Australia. Shock horror I know! But since celebrating it for the first time last year, it’s probably become one of my favourite holidays (but not as high as Christmas! Nothing beats Christmas!)

Halloween Costume Ideas

DH, myself and a couple of friends dressed up to the nines! We spent an entire Hawaiian morning searching for the perfect group Halloween costumes (we were there for a friend’s wedding). Our other friends thought we were mad but it had to be done. Finally ordered and delivered safely to our apartment in NY. We would dress up and go walk the Village Halloween Parade! I’ve never had so much fun!

Halloween Costume Ideas

The biggest surprise to us was the fact that we were stopped every 5 minutes to take photos with random people. Riding the subway was like this huge party and everyone were friends. We had a common bond…we all looked seriously creepy! We were stopped so often it made it almost impossible to actually make it to the parade that we had to actually start refusing photos and almost break out in a jog to get to where we needed to get to.

Halloween Costume Ideas

The streets were jammed with people, the parade walkers and people who were there lining the streets to watch. I’d never been in a parade before, it really was a treat!

Halloween Costume Ideas

Some hilarious moments:

DH made a little girl cry, she was staring at him as he walked pass and he launched and said BOO! She was so frightened, she froze right on the street and started to tear up! The biggest surprise was her dad High-Five’d DH and thanked him! I thought he’d get a punch in the face for that…I guess it is Halloween after all; even little girls need a fright!

DH and his buddy continued this tradition as we walked the parade and would randomly scare the crowd. Their reactions were hilarious and they loved it!Halloween Costume Ideas

Myself and my buddy were asked to take a lot of photos! Cute Dorothy’s that had been zombie-fied was completely left field and there wasn’t anyone on the street with the same costume as us!

Here are a few spooky snaps

Halloween Costume IdeasHalloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

We have no plans as yet for this Halloween, I’m actually sad that our friends aren’t here to celebrate with us as we had so much fun together last year.

I’m not sure I’m going to dress my bump this year, but I’ve seen some pretty cool costumes and some really awful ones (zombie mums who are eating their toy baby!!! What the!?!?!?!)

Any pregnant mammas out there with some cool ideas of how to dress your bump?

Halloween Costume Ideas

#StyleTheBaby: A Dedication to Our Family


It goes without saying, we love our family, they are the most important people in our lives and owe so so much to them.

Though both DH and I, are the youngest in our families, we are the first to have the grand babies, so you can imagine the excitement that goes with producing the first grand babies! The sad part is, we’re not home to share this experience with them. This makes us ridiculously sad and a whole load of guilt comes with it, because boy, are they excited. So excited the entire family is visiting us in December for the entire month. Cold, expensive and cold! But it’s their first grand baby and niece! So no way are we stopping them from spending time with us over the greatest, funnest time of year. Have you ever been to New York in December. It’s Christmas on steroids! I’m like a kid in  candy store, nothing can get me down!

We bought these little onesies to honor our family, to say, “We love you, and Pebbles loves you!!!”

∼ My Grandpa is the Best – Carters ∼

∼ Hugs for Grnadma – Carters

∼ Fancy like my Aunt – Baby Gap

Did you know it’s extremely hard to find anything for Uncles! I mean, that’s totally discriminatory! I know for a fact Pebbles’ uncle is awesome!

Does anyone know where I can get Uncle onesies? Can’t have my big bro missing out on the fun!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you have a great week!